My People Tree Collection


I’m in a bit of a blogging rut at the moment but thought it would be cool to share my favourite pieces I bought from People Tree (this isn’t sponsored – just genuinely love the brand!). I think ethical fashion can get a bad reputation for being ‘too hippy’ and/or ‘boring’ but hopefully this shows otherwise!


I’ve put them in the order I got them – the last 2 are still available in the sale for under £25! The roll neck jumper dress is here and the burgundy print tunic is here.

I regularly wear the first three for work and the last one is more for fun – it has rabbits printed all over it, so I thought it’d be perfect for Easter!

They all wash really well and I love how they fit – they’re all in UK size 10, which is my usual size.

Which one is your favourite?


November Love Lula Subscription Box: Mini Review!

Hello! This is the third and final time I’ll be letting you know my first impressions of this subscription box – I’ve decided that even though it is GREAT value for money, I’ll save the money instead as I’m (hopefully) going travelling in Spring/Summer. The previous posts can be found here and here.


The first product is Laidbare’s For Richer, For Porer Face Mask which is really weird because it’s been on my wishlist for a while! For me this made the entire box worth the money as I would have bought this anyway. I’m not blown away by this face mask; it’s quite runny and doesn’t sit well on my oily areas (where it’s supposed to work best!). But it smells lovely and exfoliates as well as cleanses, so it’s an overall thumbs up from me.

Next is Lyons Leaf Beauty Balm; this is so lovely, I wish it was a proper size rather than just a sample! It smells lovely and also gently exfoliates as well as cleanses. I’ve been using this to remove make up and it’s great EXCEPT it does make me eyes sting. So for me this isn’t as good as the Balm Balm in the previous box.

PHB Gentle Moisturiser Sample; this is fragrance free and so suitable for sensitive skin. I found this to be perfect for a day mosturiser and it sunk into my skin fairly quickly, leaving no oily residue – perfect!

PHB Pencil Eyeliner; I was so excited when I saw this in the box! I’ve wanted to try more make up brands that are Vegan, Organic and have great ethics… Unfortunately, this didn’t work well for me at all. I tried to use it on the waterline and on my eyelid and the colour pay off was patchy so it looked more grey than black! I like a strong black eyeliner, so this isn’t for me.

I was a bit suspicious of the FOM Contouring Body Serum ‘How can a serum contour?!’ but it’s really just a fancy infusion of oils. It’s supposed to be used on wet skin and it feels so spa like! My skin felt moisturised even 24 hours after applying it, so this is definitely worth it.

I’ve been using ODYLIQUE Replenishing Cream as a night cream, although it says it can be used as a rich day cream. It’s meant for dry skin so I may use it as a day cream as it gets colder, but for now this is perfect for me as a night cream! It doesn’t smell particularly nice, but it isn’t strong so I don’t mind. It’s been a great replacement for my Organic Surge Night Moisturiser which has now run out!

I think this is definitely worth £12.50 per month if you have the money – you get such a range of products and it’s a great way of finding new brands.

October Love Lula Subscription Box: Mini Review!



So this is the second month I’ve been subscribed to the Love Lula Beauty Box – the September post is here. I received this box in mid-October but I wanted to give each product a chance before I reviewed them and put them on the blog.

Yes to Coconuts Cleansing Wipes: I’ve used this brand before and think they’re great! I don’t use face wipes as a regular part of my routine, but these are going to be so handy for travel, and I’ve recently joined a gym so I’ll use them when I go there. I tested these out a couple of times and they do the job; they remove most of my make up, but don’t leave my skin feeling too tight. I might repurchase these if they’re on offer (I don’t like paying a lot for wipes that aren’t particularly good for the environment as you can’t recycle them!).

Dr. Bronner’s Shikakai Soap: This is a really fresh smelling liquid soap – lemongrass and lime scented, so this would be great for a morning shower! I think I’m going to take it to the gym with me as it’ll be perfect after a workout. I love that it’s both organic and fairtrade.

Pommade Divine Remedy Balm: Honestly, I haven’t reached for this that much over the past couple of weeks… It’s supposed to be used on dry and damaged skin. My skin isn’t that bad but I’ve tested it on my elbows and heels and it feels lovely! It smells almost medical (in a good way!) and I think it’d be great for people who suffer from really dry skin in the winter.

Fairsquared Lip Balm: I love this! This is just a plain lip balm that smells of spearmint which I associate with Christmas and chocolate mints. This is now permanently on my desk at work so I can reapply it throughout the day. Again, it does the job of moisturising my lips and I’d repurchase this.

Balm Balm: This is something I was looking at purchasing myself before! So I’m really happy this was in the box. It’s a deep cleansing balm and it’s a little bit like Lush’s Ultrabland which I love! The difference is that this smells a bit more relaxing and spa-like. I’m really enjoying using this to take my make up off – it’s super moisturising as well as cleansing so it feels like a lovely treat for my skin.

This month it’s definitely been worth the £12.50 subscription. My favourites are the cleansing wipes, balm balm and the lip balm – I do love skincare!

Favourite Brand Alert!


This is not sponsored at all! I just want to share a brand that I’ve really enjoyed over the past couple of months,

‘Organic Surge products are NOT tested on animals and are 100% free of harsh chemicals – no parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, no artificial fragrances or colourants and no genetically modified ingredients… Organic Surge has been proud sponsors of the Baby Care Unit in Kenya Children’s Home, Nairobi since 2009.’

This quote from the website satisfies me that this is a company with a conscience 🙂 So moving back to the actual products:

Blissful Daily Moisturiser is my new daily moisturiser – it smells gorgeous! It’s suitable for vegans and people with sensitive skin as well as all skin types. I’m not sure about this last claim – people with oily skin may find this a bit heavy, but for my skin (normal-dry) it’s perfect.

Overnight Sensation Night Cream was actually featured in my June favourites! Again this is suitable for vegans, and it smells gorgeous.

2 Minute Hair Moisture Mask is another product that’s suitable for vegans! It’s meant for dry hair that needs a bit more life and it really delivers. It’s also going to last for AGES as I’ve been using it for 2 months and it doesn’t look touched.

Tropical Bergamot Shower Gel is obviously a shower gel but it also smells like oranges, lathers up well and is vegan! There’s not much else to say really about this one 🙂

Deep Cleansing Face Mask is a repurchase! I got this in a beauty box in a sample size and LOVED it. I found this a lot more balancing than just cleansing – it left my skin feeling so soft and lovely afterwards, whereas some cleansing masks leave it feeling tight.

So I’ve been loving all these products recently! As I found this brand through a beauty box company, I’m looking to subscribe to a vegan/ethical one to discover more great products. Please leave suggestions for any good subscription boxes below!

Amy’s Kitchen Review!


I was super excited when I found this brand; Amy’s Kitchen makes vegetarian/vegan, gluten free, organic ready meals and tinned soups. They’re reasonably priced too – around £2-4. I thought this would be a great option for those days when you just don’t have time to cook a meal from scratch, but don’t want to go down the fast food route. So I gave them a test run – I tried all the items pictured, but there are a few more that I couldn’t get my hands on unfortunately. Here’s a list of all the products available in the range.

I’ll start with the soups; I like to make my own soups but it can be a bit messy and time consuming so a tin of soup can be a great back up. I was really impressed by these – especially the French Country Vegetable one! So chunky and filling. I didn’t need anything on the side at all and it was over 50% vegetables – so healthy!

The chillis were great – I’d say that unless you really can’t stand anything hot, then go for the ‘spicy’ one over ‘medium’. It’s more tasty than hot in my opinion and you can’t really tell that it’s vegan! So tasty and yet again, really filling – I had this with rice and it was too much, I might just serve this with nachos instead next time.

The rest of the ready meals were slightly smaller portions, but I prefer this because it means I add fresh vegetables to the plate! My favourite was the Mac and Cheese – just so so tasty! It’s a shame I couldn’t get hold of the Mexican Tortilla Bake or the Indian Mattar Paneer as they sound delicious.

Also the packaging is so much better than regular ready meals – a cardboard box (recyclable), a cardboard tray (recyclable) and a plastic packet (check your local recycling policy). That’s it!

I’d definitely recommend this brand to anyone with a hectic lifestyle who can’t spend time cooking – it’s probably not healthy to have this for every meal, but once or twice a week is just fine! We could all do with a bit more time and this gives you that while remaining true to your values.

Has anyone else heard of interesting brands I could review?