The Lush Cosmetics Tag


So for the last couple of weeks I’ve seen the Lush Cosmetics Tag flying around, and although I haven’t been tagged, I thought I’d do it after seeing lucieleannexo, Lush Upon a Time, and Bunnies, Blankets and Bandanas do the tag!

lush oxford street

What was your first…

1) Lush Bath Bomb?

Father Christmas (Christmas Exclusive)

2) Lush Bubble Bar

The Comforter

3) Lush Massage Bar?


4) Lush Kitchen Item?

I’m not 100% sure… It might have been a thick, moisturising shower cream?

5) Lush Shower Gel/Cream?

Comforter Shower Cream

6) Lush Shower Jelly?

Snowman (Christmas Exclusive)

7) Lush Fresh Facemask?

Mask of Magniminty! Back when I was a teenager

8) Lush Bar of Soap:

Gay is Okay – limited edition

What is your favourite…

1) Lush Store?

The Oxford Street one is heaven!

2) Lush Bath Bomb?

Yoga Bomb OR Guardian of the Forest

3) Lush Bubble Bar?

The Comforter is still a fave (although I also love Brightside)

4) Lush Massage Bar?

I’ve only ever tried Dirty! It was ok, but I think I need to try more 🙂

5) Lush Kitchen Item?

A Gold Star – it was sold around Christmas time and it’s a bubble bar that smells of Frankincense and citrus.

6) Lush Shower Gel?

I’ve only tried the comforter cream – it was good, but again I should try more!

7) Lush Shower Jelly?

I really liked the Snowman – it was subtle smelling and cute

8) Lush Facemask?

Don’t Look At Me is perfect

9) What Lush products would you like to see come back/haven’t tried yet?

I hope they bring back the Golden Egg which was my favourite from last years Easter collection! I also want to try more massage bars, as well as more hair and face products.


That’s it! Let me know what you think and do the tag if you’d like 🙂


December Favourites


Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a great few days, and I wish you a happy new year 🙂

I’ve been loving a couple of products this month – both from Lush. The first one is a Shampoo Bar called ‘New’ £5.95 – I’ve been using it for over a month and I’ve hardly made a dent! It’s a solid bar containing cinnamon, clove and peppermint and it’s supposed to stimulate the hair follicles to grow faster. I don’t know about that claim, but it smells amazing (if you like peppermint!).

The other product is the Salt and Peppermint Bark Shower Scrub which was £5.95, but it was a winter exclusive and now it’s not on the website 😦 It’s such a shame because I loved this! I’ll be savouring the last few uses of this because I really love the smell of peppermint… And I think it’s a great scrub. Even though it specifies use in the shower, I always use it in the bath because then you can control how wet it gets and how quickly you get through it.

The photo also shows another addition to my plant collection… It’s getting a bit out of hand, but I couldn’t resist!

The ‘smash the patriarchy’ pillow is actually a Christmas present – it perfectly matches my bedroom colours and I just love it so much! It also means a lot that my parents are accepting of my feminist views.

I’ve really loved having my sister visit this month as she’s away from university. One thing we did was see the movie Sisters; it stars Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (who I love!), and it’s just super funny.

I spent the second week of December in Paris for the climate negotiations. I blogged about why I was going last month, and I have to include it in my favourites because it was an incredible week. It was so emotional and I cried both happy and sad tears, but I’m really glad I went. It’s hard to articulate, but I hope that the deal that was agreed upon is a signal for change. This is a photo of me at the protest on Saturday 12th December by the Eiffel Tower – one of the many ‘highs’ of the week!


December has ultimately been a great month and I’ve really enjoyed the last week of festivities!

Christmas Gift Guide

Hello! It’s that time of the year when everyone goes Christmas crazy. I do love Christmas but I think all the adverts taint it… Remember spending money isn’t the same as love! Having said that, here’s a gift guide because giving presents is fun 🙂

It wouldn’t be a gift guide without a bit of Lush! So here’s my favourite of their gift boxes – Merry Christmas £19.95:


It contains a few of my favourite Winter Exclusives – Peeping Santa, Golden Wonder, Lord of Misrule, Cinders and Dashing Santa. It’s a great spicy and fruity mix that I think most people would like. This is ALL bath stuff, so make sure your recipient has a bath before getting them this 🙂

Divine chocolate is my favourite brand – I just think they’re super yummy and super ethical, as the farmers partially run the company. They’ve released a Baking Hamper this year – £30:


As you can see it contains all you would need to create heavenly chocolate bakes! And it even comes with a tote bag – handy since the plastic bag charge has come to England. I made some brownies using Divine chocolate for a friend and they were pretty amazing, so I think everyone should experience this.

I think getting vouchers is a bit of a cop out most of the time… It just looks better than giving cash, but it’s often less useful! However, it is easy to get hold of and I can understand the thinking behind it… A thoughtful type of voucher is a National Book Token because reading is much more fun than clothes/make up/jewellery etc.

to die for

I borrow most books from the library, but there are a couple that I’d like to get a hard copy of myself, or I just can’t find in my local library! One of them is ‘To Die For: is fashion wearing out the world?’ another is ‘I Am Malala’.

I’ve really gotten into house plants this year… Which is a weird statement! But I think it’s nice to think that you’re keeping something else alive. So, to pass that feeling along I’m recommending a house plant as a great gift.


I think Christmas is quite a good time because it’ll flourish (hopefully) in spring so they don’t have too long to wait. There are obviously so many options, but I love the thought of a bonsai tree – so cute and long lasting, and there are loads of gift sets. This one is from Not on the High Street – £24.99.

Finally, I also wanted to include a ‘luxury’ candle. I personally wince at spending anything over £10 on a candle so I’m considering this a luxury!


It’s £24 from Not on the High Street – it’s made in the UK, made with soy wax and it has a double wick which I always think is better! There’s a choice of scents and I think cucumber and mint would be lovely and fresh for a New Year scent.

I created three gift guides last year and one was about making things, while another was about ‘experience gifts’ – these are still relevant so check them out for more ideas.

Now having written this, I really need to get on and get some presents for my family and friends! Are you already planned, or a bit last minute?

November Favourites

I have a few things I’ve been loving this month – both products, and other stuff too 🙂

Earlier this month I watched Emma Watson interviewing Malala Yousafzai – these are two of my favourite people and I loved it! I think they both come across as intelligent, perfect role models. WordPress won’t let me embed the youtube video but it’s here.


Then there’s this book which I read because Emma Watson has said that she loved it! It’s the first fiction book in a while that has really gripped me and I finished it quite quickly.

Another form of media that I’ve enjoyed this month has been the new marvel series – Jessica Jones. It was released on Netflix so the whole series was available at once = binge watching! I think it was really well done and easy to get into.

Now onto products – there’s only a couple and both have been featured on the blog before! First is Golden Wonder – a bath bomb by Lush that’s in my Lush Winter Haul. It’s such a shame that this is a Christmas exclusive product because I think it has a year round scent – lovely and fresh, and it makes the bath so pretty!

The second one hasn’t left my bag/desk – it’s the Fair Squared Lip Balm in Spearmint flavour. It’s just perfect! It leaves my lips feeling moisturised for a good couple of hours and I love the flavour. I think this may be the first tube of lip balm that I actually finish (as long as I don’t lose it!). I got this in the October Love Lula Beauty Box and I’ve been using it ever since.

Finally, I have to mention the climate march! It was brilliant; super cold and it took me ages to get there because of a bus replacement service, but worth it. There were an estimated 50 000 of us in London alone (the largest climate protest in the UK) and over 300 000 globally. It felt amazing. I only hope this spills over into the Paris talks…

climgte march

October Favourites


Hello! I haven’t had a LOAD of products this month, but these are a few of my top picks:

Disney Halloween T-Shirt: This is actually from Vinted! It’s second hand (which means I don’t feel guilty about the labour and resources that have gone into producing it) and it’s perfect for Halloween. I don’t like anything too scary so this is more cute! I’ve been wearing this throughout the month and it looks great with jeans and a faux leather jacket. Bonus: It was only £5!

Barry M Nail Paint Vintage Violet (£2.99): I really love purple nail varnishes, and although I’ve been trying to stop myself buying more nail colours (as I have way too many) I really wanted to try this one. It didn’t disappoint! It’s purple but it also has a kind of grey undertone which makes it perfect for Autumn. This also lasted on my nails for almost a week! That’s really impressive for me as usually it doesn’t last a day on my nails. I definitely recommend this!

Barry M Flawless Primer (£5.99): I mentioned a while back how I needed to find a cruelty free primer at a relatively cheap price; this month I found one! This is new from Barry M and they have three different types – I just went for the one suitable for all skin types. I’ve been using this with the last few drops of the Barry M Flawless Matte Foundation and they work really well together!

I’ve also been loving the Cranberry Festive Face Mask (£6.75) – a winter exclusive from Lush! It’s featured on my Lush Winter Haul and it’s my favourite item I’ve tested so far. The consistency is smooth so it’s really easy to apply, and I just leave it for 5-7 minutes and it leaves my face feeling balanced – it’s cleansing but also replenishes moisture. It’s perfect for this time of year when your skin needs to recover from all the cold outside and central heating inside!

My absolute favourite film this month has been Suffragette; I’ve always admired their story and I learned a bit about them in high school, but I’m really interested in their techniques now that I consider myself an activist for climate change. The story followed a fictional character, and although you had to force yourself to believe that she would be at all these key events, it was such a well made and well cast film! It’s empowering, but also sobering to think that this struggle is still going on in places around the world.

What have you been loving this month?

HUGE Lush Winter Haul

This is the first year where I would consider myself a proper ‘lushie’ – so when they announced the new Winter Collection I new I needed to pick up a few bits… I ended up picking up more than just that.

Some of these I managed to get at my local store, but I ordered about half of it online as the shop was sold out of some of the bits I wanted to try…


First up are these fresh smelling white products:

Snowman Shower Jelly £3.95 – I was actually planning on getting the Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly, but I wasn’t that impressed by the scent – it wasn’t strong at all! So I bought this one instead. It’s the perfect balance between fruity and sweet.

So White Bath Bomb £3.65 – This smells gorgeous (apple and citrus) so I’m looking forward to using it. I’ve also heard it’s not just plain white so should be interesting to see…

Snow Angel Bath Melt £3.95 – This has more of a floral scent, and the underside is COVERED in shimmer, so it’ll make the bath super pretty.

Snow Melt Bath Melt £2.00 – This one is peppermint and lemon scented; it’ll be really refreshing but also nourishing as it is a bath melt!

Star Dust Bath Bomb £2.95 – Again, this is another plain white one, but it smells so lovely; this one is mainly vanilla with some citrus in the background.


Now onto the more colourful sweet scents:

Salt and Peppermint Bark Shower Scrub £5.95 – I actually ran out of scrub last week, so this perfect timing! I love the scent of this – pure peppermint, which is a great ‘clean’ scent for a scrub. It kind of reminds me of after 8 mints – very Christmas-y!

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb £2.95 – This one smells quite subtly of sweet oranges. It’s one of my favourite scents but I feel like I can’t use it until December!

Snakes and Ladders Fun £5.00 – This is actually a gift for a friend’s birthday, but I thought I’d include it anyway! It smells so lovely; the perfect balance between sweet and fresh.

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar £3.95 – This one is strawberry scented and it’s a lot sweeter than the others. If you’re a fan of snow fairy and the comforter you’ll like this – on the other hand it’s not AS intense as snow fairy; it’s a good one for everyone!

Shoot for the Stars £3.65 – I think this one is the prettiest bath bomb of the new range – I love the colours! It’s not as strong as I thought it would be, but hopefully more of the citrus scent will unfurl as it swirls around the bath.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb £3.95 – First of all, this is HUGE! I expected this to cost more, but it’s really not bad considering the size. Also, this is quite strong smelling; lime and orange – gorgeous! I already know that I’m going to have to repurchase this…


Finally, these are the spicy scents that I think are SUPER Christmas-y!

The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar £5.95 – This is the epitome of Christmas! It smells of cinnamon and spice, it has the glitter, it’s shaped like a star and it even has a bell. It’s also reusable so it’ll work out as pretty good value for money. Another one that I expect I will repurchase…

Yog Nog Bath Bomb £3.95 – This is supposed to smell of spicy toffee… I’m not sure! In the store it smelled great, but I think that was because there were so many sweet smelling things in the shop. It is supposed to be super moisturising, so if nothing else it’ll be great for my skin!

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb £3.95 – This is one from the Halloween range and I was a bit wary of the ‘spicy herbal’ scent, but I actually really like it! It doesn’t seem too strong, and the bath will look amazing as the layers unravel.

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb £3.95 – I mainly got this because it looks super cool; SO PINK. It’s meant to be really relaxing which should be perfect around this time of year.

Cinders Bath Bomb £2.95 – This is smaller than the other bath bombs, but it smells so lovely and strong. It’s pure cinnamon (one of my all time favourites) and it has popping candy so that’ll be fun. I’m thinking of pairing this with one of the bath melts…

DSC_1710Finally, it’s the Cranberry Festive Face Mask £6.75 – it’s super nourishing, so I’m looking forward to using it as the weather gets colder and more harsh. Sorry about the quality of this – I forgot about it (as it’s kept in the fridge) so I thought I’d show it on my face, but my phone takes really bad selfies! I can confirm it is super lovely – a lovely consistency and really moisturising.

Well… I won’t be going into Lush for quite a while now. But what’s your festive favourite?

Disappointing Ethical Products


Hello! I usually like to keep this space very positive, but spending money on products, only to find that they’re disappointing is the worst… So I wanted to warn you of some that haven’t worked for me.

Good Things Manuka Honey Face Mask – I enjoyed using the other ‘Good Things’ products, so bought this for a change. Unfortunately, this mask irritates my skin leaving it worse than before. I wouldn’t consider my skin very sensitive, so I would be a bit cautious of buying this.

Extreme MUA Liner – MUA is a super cheap brand, so I wasn’t expecting amazing things from this anyway. But this dried up overnight! It’s a felt tip style liner (which I find the easiest to apply) and most will last 1-3 months, but this only worked for a day. The lid seemed to be fully closed, so I’m not sure how it happened, but unfortunately the liner has had to be binned.

Lash Vegas Mascara (Barry M) – Again this dried up very quickly (within a couple of weeks), but I also felt it didn’t do anything before that. There was no volume, length or definition compared to mascara-less lashes.

Fairsquared BB Cream – I’ve written a complete review of this here which goes into the product in detail. I haven’t used it over the summer (like I thought I might do), so I have just over half of the tube left.

The Body Shop Highlighter – I’ve decided to boycott The Body Shop as they’re not fully cruelty free (being owned by L’Oreal), but I bought this a while ago and used it just once. That’s because it’s SO extreme – it’s like liquid glitter. I can’t wear it everyday and I don’t even think I could get away with wearing it out. There’s almost a whole tube left.

Lush’s T’eo Solid Deodorant – I wanted to try this as I thought it’d be great to use more products with zero packaging. I actually featured this in my Lush Oxford Street Haul post, so I’ve had it for a while! But it’s hard to apply and it actually irritated my skin. I’ve barely used any of this.

Jason Aloe Vera Deodorant – After the T’eo deodorant, I bought a ‘soothing’ one from another brand I like (Jason hair products are great!). Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to soothe my skin or work as a deodorant at all! Again, I only used this a few times before moving on.

I don’t want to throw these away (apart from the dried out mascara and liner) but I’m not sure what to do with them. I’m going to give the highlighter to my sister who will appreciate it more, and the mask to my mum who may use it with no irritation. But what to do with half a bb cream and barely used deodorants?! Please leave any suggestions in the comments.