My People Tree Collection


I’m in a bit of a blogging rut at the moment but thought it would be cool to share my favourite pieces I bought from People Tree (this isn’t sponsored – just genuinely love the brand!). I think ethical fashion can get a bad reputation for being ‘too hippy’ and/or ‘boring’ but hopefully this shows otherwise!


I’ve put them in the order I got them – the last 2 are still available in the sale for under £25! The roll neck jumper dress is here and the burgundy print tunic is here.

I regularly wear the first three for work and the last one is more for fun – it has rabbits printed all over it, so I thought it’d be perfect for Easter!

They all wash really well and I love how they fit – they’re all in UK size 10, which is my usual size.

Which one is your favourite?


The Dark Side of Chocolate

Happy Easter! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, and I really don’t want to cast a grey cloud but I have some bad news about chocolate…

A. The Climate Coalition has made this (pretty funny) April Fools/Easter clip about how chocolate is at risk due to climate change! Funny how something so commonplace can be affected by climate change. I love this campaign by the way, check it out – it shows how you may be affected by climate change in ways you never thought of.

B. I found this documentary on youtube… It’s pretty damning about the chocolate industry’s use of child labour. It’s hard to believe this actually happens, but the hidden cameras show it all.

So I’m going to pledge to reduce the amount of chocolate I eat, and when I do buy chocolate I’ll look out for the Fairtrade logo (Divine Chocolate will be my lifeline)! I think this is an easy pledge to make now as I’ve got plenty of chocolate Easter Eggs to eat anyway, and we’re entering Spring – the warmer the weather, the less chocolate I want to eat!

Divine Chocolate Review


Divine Chocolate is pretty great; it’s a Fairtrade company that is 45% owned by cocoa farmers. They’re certainly the most ethical chocolate brand that I’ve found! They have some quite interesting flavours too, so I thought I’d try out a few of them and review them for you guys:

Dark Chocolate and Mint – this tasted kind of like an after eight mint, but better! I liked this one because you couldn’t eat too much of it (the dark chocolate is too bitter), which meant I didn’t overindulge! These were perfect to have with a mug of hot chocolate (or hot drink of your choice) in the evening. 8/10

Orange Milk Chocolate – this flavour was the opposite of the mint one; so moreish! I could have easily eaten the entire bar in one sitting. It tastes like a higher quality Terry’s Chocolate Orange. I can imagine children would love this one more than the other flavours. 7.5/10

Dark Chocolate and Raspberries – this was my favourite! The raspberry flavour actually comes from tiny bits of real raspberry in the chocolate. I love raspberries so it’s no surprise that I really loved this – it tasted really different and not too artificial. Again, because it’s dark I wasn’t going to eat all of it in one sitting, but I was more tempted to because it just tasted so good! 10/10 😀

Milk Chocolate with Spiced Apples – I was intrigued by this one; I’d seen it at Christmas and wanted to try it, but just hadn’t had the money! This was a little disappointing to me, it tasted more artificial (you can’t fit chunks of apple into the bar!) and I didn’t think the flavours went as well together. Maybe if I’d tried it when Christmas was approaching I would have enjoyed it more as it’d match the season! 5/10

Both Dark Chocolate bars contain soya, but no milk so are suitable for vegans 🙂

I really want to try Milk Chocolate with Toffee and Sea Salt, but it was out of stock when I ordered! The Dark Chocolate with Chilli and Orange bar also seems interesting…

The chocolate bars are obviously more expensive than other brands because of their Fairtrade commitment, I’m willing to pay a little more for this but I actually got these on offer from the ethical superstore!

If you have any flavour recommendations, please comment below 🙂

Favourite Fairtrade Brands

In case you didn’t know, it’s Fairtrade Fortnight (23rd February – 8th March)! The definition of Fairtrade is this: ‘Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers’, but I think it’s more than that.

Fairtrade is the start of a conversation about how unethical our rampant consumerism has become. The current trade system is unsustainable (for both the planet and the people working in it), so Fairtrade offers an option for consumers to buy without feeling guilty for supporting that system.

I don’t think it’s a long term solution, but it’s a start! Therefore, I often try to look for the Fairtrade Symbol or WFTO symbol; any product can claim to be ‘fair’ or ‘ethical’ but the mark means it’s been judged by an independent party to be truly fair.

(Side Note: WFTO is actually better than the normal Fairtrade symbol – it means the whole brand, rather than just one product, follows the Fairtrade philosophy eg. Nestle can get the KitKat branded as Fairtrade by switching their cocoa suppliers, but they wouldn’t be able to be certified by WFTO as the company benefits from constantly undercutting suppliers – a big no no!)

Here are a few of my favourite brands that follow the Fairtrade philosophy, and have been certified accordingly:

– Divine Chocolate (aka chocolate of the gods) – this just tastes so good. It’s mostly owned by the farmers themselves, and they’ve got loads of interesting flavour combinations that make it a bit different from the usual ethical chocolate bars! They also do Easter Eggs 😀

People Tree – this is another well known brand for how ethical it is and the clothes they make are so classic that you’ll keep them for years. The prices are a bit steep, but they have some really great deals in their sale section (in fact I think I’ll treat myself to this – also WFTO certified!).


Shared Earth – a great find for home accessories, this is the brand I got my A-Z bookends from. I hadn’t heard of them before, but they do have a great selection – the recycled materials are especially interesting!

There are many more of course! Leave your favourites in the comments below – I’d love to discover different ones 🙂