November Love Lula Subscription Box: Mini Review!

Hello! This is the third and final time I’ll be letting you know my first impressions of this subscription box – I’ve decided that even though it is GREAT value for money, I’ll save the money instead as I’m (hopefully) going travelling in Spring/Summer. The previous posts can be found here and here.


The first product is Laidbare’s For Richer, For Porer Face Mask which is really weird because it’s been on my wishlist for a while! For me this made the entire box worth the money as I would have bought this anyway. I’m not blown away by this face mask; it’s quite runny and doesn’t sit well on my oily areas (where it’s supposed to work best!). But it smells lovely and exfoliates as well as cleanses, so it’s an overall thumbs up from me.

Next is Lyons Leaf Beauty Balm; this is so lovely, I wish it was a proper size rather than just a sample! It smells lovely and also gently exfoliates as well as cleanses. I’ve been using this to remove make up and it’s great EXCEPT it does make me eyes sting. So for me this isn’t as good as the Balm Balm in the previous box.

PHB Gentle Moisturiser Sample; this is fragrance free and so suitable for sensitive skin. I found this to be perfect for a day mosturiser and it sunk into my skin fairly quickly, leaving no oily residue – perfect!

PHB Pencil Eyeliner; I was so excited when I saw this in the box! I’ve wanted to try more make up brands that are Vegan, Organic and have great ethics… Unfortunately, this didn’t work well for me at all. I tried to use it on the waterline and on my eyelid and the colour pay off was patchy so it looked more grey than black! I like a strong black eyeliner, so this isn’t for me.

I was a bit suspicious of the FOM Contouring Body Serum ‘How can a serum contour?!’ but it’s really just a fancy infusion of oils. It’s supposed to be used on wet skin and it feels so spa like! My skin felt moisturised even 24 hours after applying it, so this is definitely worth it.

I’ve been using ODYLIQUE Replenishing Cream as a night cream, although it says it can be used as a rich day cream. It’s meant for dry skin so I may use it as a day cream as it gets colder, but for now this is perfect for me as a night cream! It doesn’t smell particularly nice, but it isn’t strong so I don’t mind. It’s been a great replacement for my Organic Surge Night Moisturiser which has now run out!

I think this is definitely worth £12.50 per month if you have the money – you get such a range of products and it’s a great way of finding new brands.


5 Product Face: Cruelty Free Version


Hello! Today I thought I’d share a super simple make up routine that I often use on my days off and whenever I don’t want to spend a long time ‘perfecting’ my make up. I’ve chosen 5 of my favourite products from a few different cruelty free brands.

NOTE: Nyx is owned by L’Oreal; when I bought the eyebrow powder I was unaware of this, as L’Oreal is non-cruelty free I will try to find a replacement for this in the future!

  1. NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder £3.85 (on sale) – this is in the shade Taupe/Ash and as you can see it’s well loved! I find the lighter shade is perfect for filling in sparse patches, while the gel is good at keeping the hairs in place all day. I think defined eyebrows are important to look put together – unfortunately I over-plucked mine in high school so I need this!
  2. MUA Elysium Palette £6 – is it cheating to include this? This palette includes eyeshadows as well as a highlighter pencil and regular black eyeliner pencil. I used the colour on the top row, third from the right, as well as the one in the bottom row, second from the left. I love the colours in this; they’re pretty natural looking, so perfect for everyday wear and they bring out the green in my eyes. I also really love the highlighting pencil! It’s creamy and long-lasting – definitely worth £6.
  3. Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Foundation (Stripped) £14 – this is the most expensive product, but it’s so worth it! Applying this takes a maximum of 2 minutes and it leaves my skin looking and feeling great. I forget I’ve got anything on my face after 10 minutes, but it leaves my skin looking even and shine-free all day.
  4. GOSH Growth Mascara £9.49 – I don’t think this works to grow my lashes longer, but it’s a great mascara to define, add volume and lengthen without irritating my eyes! This is definitely my favourite mascara at the moment.
  5. B. Vibrant Lip and Cheek (Goji) £3.99 (on sale)- this is from Superdrug’s own cruelty free and vegan collection. I hadn’t tried their product before but I’m really impressed. This is a great shade for both the lips and cheeks, it dries to a satin finish and although it’s a little drying on the lips, this can be solved with a bit of lip balm. This is a great product for travel as it’s a 2 in 1!


This photo isn’t edited, so you can see what the colours look like on me! The lip and cheek tint can be darkened by layering it more. I’m really happy with this look! What products would you use?

October Love Lula Subscription Box: Mini Review!



So this is the second month I’ve been subscribed to the Love Lula Beauty Box – the September post is here. I received this box in mid-October but I wanted to give each product a chance before I reviewed them and put them on the blog.

Yes to Coconuts Cleansing Wipes: I’ve used this brand before and think they’re great! I don’t use face wipes as a regular part of my routine, but these are going to be so handy for travel, and I’ve recently joined a gym so I’ll use them when I go there. I tested these out a couple of times and they do the job; they remove most of my make up, but don’t leave my skin feeling too tight. I might repurchase these if they’re on offer (I don’t like paying a lot for wipes that aren’t particularly good for the environment as you can’t recycle them!).

Dr. Bronner’s Shikakai Soap: This is a really fresh smelling liquid soap – lemongrass and lime scented, so this would be great for a morning shower! I think I’m going to take it to the gym with me as it’ll be perfect after a workout. I love that it’s both organic and fairtrade.

Pommade Divine Remedy Balm: Honestly, I haven’t reached for this that much over the past couple of weeks… It’s supposed to be used on dry and damaged skin. My skin isn’t that bad but I’ve tested it on my elbows and heels and it feels lovely! It smells almost medical (in a good way!) and I think it’d be great for people who suffer from really dry skin in the winter.

Fairsquared Lip Balm: I love this! This is just a plain lip balm that smells of spearmint which I associate with Christmas and chocolate mints. This is now permanently on my desk at work so I can reapply it throughout the day. Again, it does the job of moisturising my lips and I’d repurchase this.

Balm Balm: This is something I was looking at purchasing myself before! So I’m really happy this was in the box. It’s a deep cleansing balm and it’s a little bit like Lush’s Ultrabland which I love! The difference is that this smells a bit more relaxing and spa-like. I’m really enjoying using this to take my make up off – it’s super moisturising as well as cleansing so it feels like a lovely treat for my skin.

This month it’s definitely been worth the £12.50 subscription. My favourites are the cleansing wipes, balm balm and the lip balm – I do love skincare!

HUGE Lush Winter Haul

This is the first year where I would consider myself a proper ‘lushie’ – so when they announced the new Winter Collection I new I needed to pick up a few bits… I ended up picking up more than just that.

Some of these I managed to get at my local store, but I ordered about half of it online as the shop was sold out of some of the bits I wanted to try…


First up are these fresh smelling white products:

Snowman Shower Jelly £3.95 – I was actually planning on getting the Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly, but I wasn’t that impressed by the scent – it wasn’t strong at all! So I bought this one instead. It’s the perfect balance between fruity and sweet.

So White Bath Bomb £3.65 – This smells gorgeous (apple and citrus) so I’m looking forward to using it. I’ve also heard it’s not just plain white so should be interesting to see…

Snow Angel Bath Melt £3.95 – This has more of a floral scent, and the underside is COVERED in shimmer, so it’ll make the bath super pretty.

Snow Melt Bath Melt £2.00 – This one is peppermint and lemon scented; it’ll be really refreshing but also nourishing as it is a bath melt!

Star Dust Bath Bomb £2.95 – Again, this is another plain white one, but it smells so lovely; this one is mainly vanilla with some citrus in the background.


Now onto the more colourful sweet scents:

Salt and Peppermint Bark Shower Scrub £5.95 – I actually ran out of scrub last week, so this perfect timing! I love the scent of this – pure peppermint, which is a great ‘clean’ scent for a scrub. It kind of reminds me of after 8 mints – very Christmas-y!

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb £2.95 – This one smells quite subtly of sweet oranges. It’s one of my favourite scents but I feel like I can’t use it until December!

Snakes and Ladders Fun £5.00 – This is actually a gift for a friend’s birthday, but I thought I’d include it anyway! It smells so lovely; the perfect balance between sweet and fresh.

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar £3.95 – This one is strawberry scented and it’s a lot sweeter than the others. If you’re a fan of snow fairy and the comforter you’ll like this – on the other hand it’s not AS intense as snow fairy; it’s a good one for everyone!

Shoot for the Stars £3.65 – I think this one is the prettiest bath bomb of the new range – I love the colours! It’s not as strong as I thought it would be, but hopefully more of the citrus scent will unfurl as it swirls around the bath.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb £3.95 – First of all, this is HUGE! I expected this to cost more, but it’s really not bad considering the size. Also, this is quite strong smelling; lime and orange – gorgeous! I already know that I’m going to have to repurchase this…


Finally, these are the spicy scents that I think are SUPER Christmas-y!

The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar £5.95 – This is the epitome of Christmas! It smells of cinnamon and spice, it has the glitter, it’s shaped like a star and it even has a bell. It’s also reusable so it’ll work out as pretty good value for money. Another one that I expect I will repurchase…

Yog Nog Bath Bomb £3.95 – This is supposed to smell of spicy toffee… I’m not sure! In the store it smelled great, but I think that was because there were so many sweet smelling things in the shop. It is supposed to be super moisturising, so if nothing else it’ll be great for my skin!

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb £3.95 – This is one from the Halloween range and I was a bit wary of the ‘spicy herbal’ scent, but I actually really like it! It doesn’t seem too strong, and the bath will look amazing as the layers unravel.

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb £3.95 – I mainly got this because it looks super cool; SO PINK. It’s meant to be really relaxing which should be perfect around this time of year.

Cinders Bath Bomb £2.95 – This is smaller than the other bath bombs, but it smells so lovely and strong. It’s pure cinnamon (one of my all time favourites) and it has popping candy so that’ll be fun. I’m thinking of pairing this with one of the bath melts…

DSC_1710Finally, it’s the Cranberry Festive Face Mask £6.75 – it’s super nourishing, so I’m looking forward to using it as the weather gets colder and more harsh. Sorry about the quality of this – I forgot about it (as it’s kept in the fridge) so I thought I’d show it on my face, but my phone takes really bad selfies! I can confirm it is super lovely – a lovely consistency and really moisturising.

Well… I won’t be going into Lush for quite a while now. But what’s your festive favourite?

Disappointing Ethical Products


Hello! I usually like to keep this space very positive, but spending money on products, only to find that they’re disappointing is the worst… So I wanted to warn you of some that haven’t worked for me.

Good Things Manuka Honey Face Mask – I enjoyed using the other ‘Good Things’ products, so bought this for a change. Unfortunately, this mask irritates my skin leaving it worse than before. I wouldn’t consider my skin very sensitive, so I would be a bit cautious of buying this.

Extreme MUA Liner – MUA is a super cheap brand, so I wasn’t expecting amazing things from this anyway. But this dried up overnight! It’s a felt tip style liner (which I find the easiest to apply) and most will last 1-3 months, but this only worked for a day. The lid seemed to be fully closed, so I’m not sure how it happened, but unfortunately the liner has had to be binned.

Lash Vegas Mascara (Barry M) – Again this dried up very quickly (within a couple of weeks), but I also felt it didn’t do anything before that. There was no volume, length or definition compared to mascara-less lashes.

Fairsquared BB Cream – I’ve written a complete review of this here which goes into the product in detail. I haven’t used it over the summer (like I thought I might do), so I have just over half of the tube left.

The Body Shop Highlighter – I’ve decided to boycott The Body Shop as they’re not fully cruelty free (being owned by L’Oreal), but I bought this a while ago and used it just once. That’s because it’s SO extreme – it’s like liquid glitter. I can’t wear it everyday and I don’t even think I could get away with wearing it out. There’s almost a whole tube left.

Lush’s T’eo Solid Deodorant – I wanted to try this as I thought it’d be great to use more products with zero packaging. I actually featured this in my Lush Oxford Street Haul post, so I’ve had it for a while! But it’s hard to apply and it actually irritated my skin. I’ve barely used any of this.

Jason Aloe Vera Deodorant – After the T’eo deodorant, I bought a ‘soothing’ one from another brand I like (Jason hair products are great!). Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to soothe my skin or work as a deodorant at all! Again, I only used this a few times before moving on.

I don’t want to throw these away (apart from the dried out mascara and liner) but I’m not sure what to do with them. I’m going to give the highlighter to my sister who will appreciate it more, and the mask to my mum who may use it with no irritation. But what to do with half a bb cream and barely used deodorants?! Please leave any suggestions in the comments.

September Love Lula Subscription Box!


Hello everyone!

I’ve wanted to try an ethical beauty subscription box for a while and there are only a few available in the UK so I thought I’d try the Love Lula Beaty Box. The reviews look really good and it seems like good value for money – it’s £12.50 per month (on a rolling monthly subscription) for 5-8 products from various brands. That includes delivery too!

I actually received this a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to test the products out first so I can let you guys know rather than just listing what was in the box!


Fair Squared Face Cream: I was a bit wary of this brand as I really don’t like their BB Cream, but I was pleasantly surprised! This moisturiser is much lighter and sinks in quickly. This is going to be my go-to moisturiser for the colder months ahead.

Skin Blossom Hand Cream: I said recently that I do need a hand cream! However, I can’t stand the smell of this one… I’m not a floral person, and this hand cream smells so strongly of flowers. I can’t stand it, so I’m giving it away to my nan who will appreciate it more.

Jason Pure Cream: Although this was only a small sample (3 days worth), I enjoyed using this. I feel like it is suitable for most skin types and smells divine!

Madara Miscellar Water: I’m not impressed with this; it just smears make up around my face rather than actually removing it! It pales in comparison to the Good Things Miscellar Water. I’m glad this was just a sample and not a full sized product.

John Masters Organics Nourishing Conditioner: I’m really happy to use this as an everyday conditioner – a my hair is quite thick, I always tend to use conditioners for dry/difficult hair. This is perfect for me as it moisturises without weighing my hair down.

John Masters Organics Scalp Tingling Shampoo: This smells just like Tiger Balm – the stuff to rub on your chest when you were ill! I really like that. I’m not sure about making my hair grow faster/stronger as I’ve only used it once, but it’s a decent, deep cleansing shampoo.

REN Overnight Facial: I was most excited by this product as I’ve heard such good things about REN. However, this was a huge disappointment to me as the smell was awful! It smells like rotting fruit. The product itself works fine; it leaves my skin feeling lovely the next day, but I didn’t like applying it at all.

This was clearly a mix for me! I’m really happy with the Fairsquared moisturiser, and I’m going to look into John Masters products a bit more as they were also great! I’m going to keep the subscription and hope that October is better for me 🙂

Review: The New ‘Yes to’ Range


You may be aware that the ‘Yes to’ brand has released a new range of products! I’ve liked using products from this brand before, so I bought a few things to try out.

I was most intrigued by the haircare – I was running out of shampoo and conditioner so I tried one of each:

Yes to Cucumbers Volumising Shampoo £4.99 – this smells gorgeous! It’s so fresh and clean smelling. This is the most important thing when it comes to a shampoo; I just want it to take out any styling products I’ve used as well as build up of dirt and oil. I don’t know if I really noticed it adding any volume, but it certainly didn’t weigh my hair down at all.

Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner £4.99 – this doesn’t smell as strongly as the shampoo, but the most important thing (for me) is keeping the ends of my hair moisturised and feeling strong! I think this is a great everyday conditioner – it’s a good consistency and it leaves my hair feeling really soft. I’ll then use a deep conditioning mask once a week or so to make sure my hair has enough moisture.

I think both the hair products are REALLY GOOD value for money! I think I even got them on offer, but without that they’re not too expensive and they’re lasting me a long time. I’ve only really been testing them for a couple of weeks, but it barely feels like they’ve been used! I also think I’d get on well with the Blueberry collection which aims to ‘smooth and shine’.

Yes to Coconuts Ultra Light Body Lotion Spray £8.99 – I’ve been keeping this in my bathroom to use straight after showers! It’s really handy as I hate standing around waiting for moisturisers to sink in; this dries quickly! It is super light, so you can’t compare it to body butters in terms of hydration – I still prefer to use heavier moisturisers for feet, hands and elbows. But this has been great for the summer as I like to stay moisturised all over 🙂

I’ll probably repurchase the haircare line – when these ones eventually run out! I probably won’t repurchase the moisturiser again. It was OK, but I’ve used better ones from Lush and other brands before – if you want something light then it’s probably worth checking out, but I do like a little more moisture! I’d also like to try the new Yes to Coconuts Polishing Body Scrub £7.99 – I imagine this will be a luxurious, creamy scrub. I also need a new hand moisturiser and there’s a Yes to Coconuts one (£6.99) that I may well buy as I’ll need something super moisturising as it gets colder.