Boycotting Apple

People have been calling to boycott Apple since 2012 over worker abuses and environmental issues. But there hasn’t been a huge support compared to the Amazon Anonymous campaign, which is odd considering the issues are very similar!

1. There have historically been tax avoidance issues – this article is from 2012, but their willingness to take billions of dollars from the public is pretty unethical considering how much profit they make!

2. If you’re in the UK you’ll be able to see this BBC Panorama documentary which took hidden cameras into Chinese factories and visited illegal mines where Apple sourced tin. It shows how awful it really is on the Apple supply chain – Apple’s Broken Promises.

3. A major issue for me is the built-in obsolescence of Apple products. This article demonstrates how a two year old product is now unable to use the new software – this will lead to millions of iPods/iPads/iPhones going to landfill. So so bad for the environment and essentially unsustainable.

I’m lucky – the only Apple product I own is an iPod Nano (third generation – 7 years old this Christmas), so I will continue to use it until it stops working, at which point I’ll buy a more ethical replacement. The difficulty will be moving from iTunes to another media player – any recommendations which one to move my music onto?


3 Big Reasons to Boycott Amazon, and the Alternatives

  1. Tax Avoidance – this is well known but cannot be stressed enough! According to this, the corporation should have paid around £100 million in taxes. By not paying tax, Amazon is stealing from the UK tax payer.
  2. Amazon is essentially Anti-union – so employees can easily be exploited. This article is recent and talks about what it’s like to work for such a large corporation where the power balance is so skewed in their favour.
  3. You are a just a number – there have been a few privacy issues that are a bit 1984-ish for my liking! I know a lot of websites use this type of information gathering, but if you use Amazon for everything then they will know you a bit too well.

I think these 3 reasons are enough for me to avoid Amazon as much as possible, but what are the alternatives?

Well first there’s the ethical superstore, which I have recently used to buy a load of Christmas presents. They currently have an offer of £10 off when you spend £50 and free delivery!

Traidcraft also has a huge range from food, to gifts, to household items. And they’re one of the best fair trade brands out there.

Amazon Anonymous also has a great list of alternatives that has been set up in categories so that’s useful if you feel really stuck!

Finally, Amazon Anonymous also has a pledge that you can sign if you want to go Amazon-free for the month of December. So far over £3 million has been diverted from Amazon!! That really shows the power of the consumer! Are you going to boycott Amazon?