November Favourites

I have a few things I’ve been loving this month – both products, and other stuff too 🙂

Earlier this month I watched Emma Watson interviewing Malala Yousafzai – these are two of my favourite people and I loved it! I think they both come across as intelligent, perfect role models. WordPress won’t let me embed the youtube video but it’s here.


Then there’s this book which I read because Emma Watson has said that she loved it! It’s the first fiction book in a while that has really gripped me and I finished it quite quickly.

Another form of media that I’ve enjoyed this month has been the new marvel series – Jessica Jones. It was released on Netflix so the whole series was available at once = binge watching! I think it was really well done and easy to get into.

Now onto products – there’s only a couple and both have been featured on the blog before! First is Golden Wonder – a bath bomb by Lush that’s in my Lush Winter Haul. It’s such a shame that this is a Christmas exclusive product because I think it has a year round scent – lovely and fresh, and it makes the bath so pretty!

The second one hasn’t left my bag/desk – it’s the Fair Squared Lip Balm in Spearmint flavour. It’s just perfect! It leaves my lips feeling moisturised for a good couple of hours and I love the flavour. I think this may be the first tube of lip balm that I actually finish (as long as I don’t lose it!). I got this in the October Love Lula Beauty Box and I’ve been using it ever since.

Finally, I have to mention the climate march! It was brilliant; super cold and it took me ages to get there because of a bus replacement service, but worth it. There were an estimated 50 000 of us in London alone (the largest climate protest in the UK) and over 300 000 globally. It felt amazing. I only hope this spills over into the Paris talks…

climgte march


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