November Love Lula Subscription Box: Mini Review!

Hello! This is the third and final time I’ll be letting you know my first impressions of this subscription box – I’ve decided that even though it is GREAT value for money, I’ll save the money instead as I’m (hopefully) going travelling in Spring/Summer. The previous posts can be found here and here.


The first product is Laidbare’s For Richer, For Porer Face Mask which is really weird because it’s been on my wishlist for a while! For me this made the entire box worth the money as I would have bought this anyway. I’m not blown away by this face mask; it’s quite runny and doesn’t sit well on my oily areas (where it’s supposed to work best!). But it smells lovely and exfoliates as well as cleanses, so it’s an overall thumbs up from me.

Next is Lyons Leaf Beauty Balm; this is so lovely, I wish it was a proper size rather than just a sample! It smells lovely and also gently exfoliates as well as cleanses. I’ve been using this to remove make up and it’s great EXCEPT it does make me eyes sting. So for me this isn’t as good as the Balm Balm in the previous box.

PHB Gentle Moisturiser Sample; this is fragrance free and so suitable for sensitive skin. I found this to be perfect for a day mosturiser and it sunk into my skin fairly quickly, leaving no oily residue – perfect!

PHB Pencil Eyeliner; I was so excited when I saw this in the box! I’ve wanted to try more make up brands that are Vegan, Organic and have great ethics… Unfortunately, this didn’t work well for me at all. I tried to use it on the waterline and on my eyelid and the colour pay off was patchy so it looked more grey than black! I like a strong black eyeliner, so this isn’t for me.

I was a bit suspicious of the FOM Contouring Body Serum ‘How can a serum contour?!’ but it’s really just a fancy infusion of oils. It’s supposed to be used on wet skin and it feels so spa like! My skin felt moisturised even 24 hours after applying it, so this is definitely worth it.

I’ve been using ODYLIQUE Replenishing Cream as a night cream, although it says it can be used as a rich day cream. It’s meant for dry skin so I may use it as a day cream as it gets colder, but for now this is perfect for me as a night cream! It doesn’t smell particularly nice, but it isn’t strong so I don’t mind. It’s been a great replacement for my Organic Surge Night Moisturiser which has now run out!

I think this is definitely worth £12.50 per month if you have the money – you get such a range of products and it’s a great way of finding new brands.


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