Meat Free Monday: Baked Polenta with Spinach and Melt-y Cheese!


So this recipe uses Polenta – I bought a load when I made a recipe from Deliciously Ella, so I thought I’d try this out to use some more up! It isn’t the most beautiful food, but it was so comforting and tasty.

This time, I baked the Polenta in a tomato sauce, spinach, kale and added some melty cheese towards the end. Super simple!

I couldn’t find any of the vegan cheese that melts – I think it’s called pizza cheese, so I used regular non-vegan cheese. But this could easily be made vegan by swapping that out.

One 500g packet of Polenta made enough for 4/5 meals! So I’ve kept some of this in the fridge as a ready meal. This is a great weekday meal, because even making it from scratch only took 40 minutes, and most of that it’s just sat in the oven! So it’s a great one for meat free Monday 🙂


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