5 Product Face: Cruelty Free Version


Hello! Today I thought I’d share a super simple make up routine that I often use on my days off and whenever I don’t want to spend a long time ‘perfecting’ my make up. I’ve chosen 5 of my favourite products from a few different cruelty free brands.

NOTE: Nyx is owned by L’Oreal; when I bought the eyebrow powder I was unaware of this, as L’Oreal is non-cruelty free I will try to find a replacement for this in the future!

  1. NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder £3.85 (on sale) – this is in the shade Taupe/Ash and as you can see it’s well loved! I find the lighter shade is perfect for filling in sparse patches, while the gel is good at keeping the hairs in place all day. I think defined eyebrows are important to look put together – unfortunately I over-plucked mine in high school so I need this!
  2. MUA Elysium Palette £6 – is it cheating to include this? This palette includes eyeshadows as well as a highlighter pencil and regular black eyeliner pencil. I used the colour on the top row, third from the right, as well as the one in the bottom row, second from the left. I love the colours in this; they’re pretty natural looking, so perfect for everyday wear and they bring out the green in my eyes. I also really love the highlighting pencil! It’s creamy and long-lasting – definitely worth £6.
  3. Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Foundation (Stripped) £14 – this is the most expensive product, but it’s so worth it! Applying this takes a maximum of 2 minutes and it leaves my skin looking and feeling great. I forget I’ve got anything on my face after 10 minutes, but it leaves my skin looking even and shine-free all day.
  4. GOSH Growth Mascara £9.49 – I don’t think this works to grow my lashes longer, but it’s a great mascara to define, add volume and lengthen without irritating my eyes! This is definitely my favourite mascara at the moment.
  5. B. Vibrant Lip and Cheek (Goji) £3.99 (on sale)- this is from Superdrug’s own cruelty free and vegan collection. I hadn’t tried their product before but I’m really impressed. This is a great shade for both the lips and cheeks, it dries to a satin finish and although it’s a little drying on the lips, this can be solved with a bit of lip balm. This is a great product for travel as it’s a 2 in 1!


This photo isn’t edited, so you can see what the colours look like on me! The lip and cheek tint can be darkened by layering it more. I’m really happy with this look! What products would you use?


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