October Love Lula Subscription Box: Mini Review!



So this is the second month I’ve been subscribed to the Love Lula Beauty Box – the September post is here. I received this box in mid-October but I wanted to give each product a chance before I reviewed them and put them on the blog.

Yes to Coconuts Cleansing Wipes: I’ve used this brand before and think they’re great! I don’t use face wipes as a regular part of my routine, but these are going to be so handy for travel, and I’ve recently joined a gym so I’ll use them when I go there. I tested these out a couple of times and they do the job; they remove most of my make up, but don’t leave my skin feeling too tight. I might repurchase these if they’re on offer (I don’t like paying a lot for wipes that aren’t particularly good for the environment as you can’t recycle them!).

Dr. Bronner’s Shikakai Soap: This is a really fresh smelling liquid soap – lemongrass and lime scented, so this would be great for a morning shower! I think I’m going to take it to the gym with me as it’ll be perfect after a workout. I love that it’s both organic and fairtrade.

Pommade Divine Remedy Balm: Honestly, I haven’t reached for this that much over the past couple of weeks… It’s supposed to be used on dry and damaged skin. My skin isn’t that bad but I’ve tested it on my elbows and heels and it feels lovely! It smells almost medical (in a good way!) and I think it’d be great for people who suffer from really dry skin in the winter.

Fairsquared Lip Balm: I love this! This is just a plain lip balm that smells of spearmint which I associate with Christmas and chocolate mints. This is now permanently on my desk at work so I can reapply it throughout the day. Again, it does the job of moisturising my lips and I’d repurchase this.

Balm Balm: This is something I was looking at purchasing myself before! So I’m really happy this was in the box. It’s a deep cleansing balm and it’s a little bit like Lush’s Ultrabland which I love! The difference is that this smells a bit more relaxing and spa-like. I’m really enjoying using this to take my make up off – it’s super moisturising as well as cleansing so it feels like a lovely treat for my skin.

This month it’s definitely been worth the £12.50 subscription. My favourites are the cleansing wipes, balm balm and the lip balm – I do love skincare!


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