October Favourites


Hello! I haven’t had a LOAD of products this month, but these are a few of my top picks:

Disney Halloween T-Shirt: This is actually from Vinted! It’s second hand (which means I don’t feel guilty about the labour and resources that have gone into producing it) and it’s perfect for Halloween. I don’t like anything too scary so this is more cute! I’ve been wearing this throughout the month and it looks great with jeans and a faux leather jacket. Bonus: It was only £5!

Barry M Nail Paint Vintage Violet (£2.99): I really love purple nail varnishes, and although I’ve been trying to stop myself buying more nail colours (as I have way too many) I really wanted to try this one. It didn’t disappoint! It’s purple but it also has a kind of grey undertone which makes it perfect for Autumn. This also lasted on my nails for almost a week! That’s really impressive for me as usually it doesn’t last a day on my nails. I definitely recommend this!

Barry M Flawless Primer (£5.99): I mentioned a while back how I needed to find a cruelty free primer at a relatively cheap price; this month I found one! This is new from Barry M and they have three different types – I just went for the one suitable for all skin types. I’ve been using this with the last few drops of the Barry M Flawless Matte Foundation and they work really well together!

I’ve also been loving the Cranberry Festive Face Mask (£6.75) – a winter exclusive from Lush! It’s featured on my Lush Winter Haul and it’s my favourite item I’ve tested so far. The consistency is smooth so it’s really easy to apply, and I just leave it for 5-7 minutes and it leaves my face feeling balanced – it’s cleansing but also replenishes moisture. It’s perfect for this time of year when your skin needs to recover from all the cold outside and central heating inside!

My absolute favourite film this month has been Suffragette; I’ve always admired their story and I learned a bit about them in high school, but I’m really interested in their techniques now that I consider myself an activist for climate change. The story followed a fictional character, and although you had to force yourself to believe that she would be at all these key events, it was such a well made and well cast film! It’s empowering, but also sobering to think that this struggle is still going on in places around the world.

What have you been loving this month?


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