Disappointing Ethical Products


Hello! I usually like to keep this space very positive, but spending money on products, only to find that they’re disappointing is the worst… So I wanted to warn you of some that haven’t worked for me.

Good Things Manuka Honey Face Mask – I enjoyed using the other ‘Good Things’ products, so bought this for a change. Unfortunately, this mask irritates my skin leaving it worse than before. I wouldn’t consider my skin very sensitive, so I would be a bit cautious of buying this.

Extreme MUA Liner – MUA is a super cheap brand, so I wasn’t expecting amazing things from this anyway. But this dried up overnight! It’s a felt tip style liner (which I find the easiest to apply) and most will last 1-3 months, but this only worked for a day. The lid seemed to be fully closed, so I’m not sure how it happened, but unfortunately the liner has had to be binned.

Lash Vegas Mascara (Barry M) – Again this dried up very quickly (within a couple of weeks), but I also felt it didn’t do anything before that. There was no volume, length or definition compared to mascara-less lashes.

Fairsquared BB Cream – I’ve written a complete review of this here which goes into the product in detail. I haven’t used it over the summer (like I thought I might do), so I have just over half of the tube left.

The Body Shop Highlighter – I’ve decided to boycott The Body Shop as they’re not fully cruelty free (being owned by L’Oreal), but I bought this a while ago and used it just once. That’s because it’s SO extreme – it’s like liquid glitter. I can’t wear it everyday and I don’t even think I could get away with wearing it out. There’s almost a whole tube left.

Lush’s T’eo Solid Deodorant – I wanted to try this as I thought it’d be great to use more products with zero packaging. I actually featured this in my Lush Oxford Street Haul post, so I’ve had it for a while! But it’s hard to apply and it actually irritated my skin. I’ve barely used any of this.

Jason Aloe Vera Deodorant – After the T’eo deodorant, I bought a ‘soothing’ one from another brand I like (Jason hair products are great!). Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to soothe my skin or work as a deodorant at all! Again, I only used this a few times before moving on.

I don’t want to throw these away (apart from the dried out mascara and liner) but I’m not sure what to do with them. I’m going to give the highlighter to my sister who will appreciate it more, and the mask to my mum who may use it with no irritation. But what to do with half a bb cream and barely used deodorants?! Please leave any suggestions in the comments.


One thought on “Disappointing Ethical Products

  1. It just goes to show, there are good and bad products in every brand, no matter cruelty free or not.
    As for the slightly used products, it’s tough but you can ask if any local charity places take sanitized products? Otherwise, yeah… they go into the bin.

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