Meat Free Monday: Home-made Soup with home-made bread!


Today I was in the mood to make something from scratch – so I made Lemon-y Lentil Soup and some bread to go with it. The soup recipe is from the Thug Kitchen and the bread is from Deliciously Ella.

For the bread: I had to get a few ingredients specifically for this, and it did take a while to prepare and bake (2 hours in total!), but it was totally worth it! It’s perfect with soup, but I also found myself snacking on it (plain) because it was so tasty 🙂 I can imagine this would be perfect with avocado and tomatoes too…

The soup: I much prefer to make my own soup as it tends to be tastier and I like that I know exactly what I’m eating! Also, it tends to be made out of ingredients you already have – that was the case with this recipe (sorry, no link as it’s just in the book)! It’s really just lentils, potato, carrot, onion and seasoning with water – super simple. One thing I do find though, is I’m sensitive to too much salt, and the vegetable broth I used was a bit too salty… That was my bad though as I should have tasted it as I went along.

This isn’t a great Monday meal as it takes a long time to prep! But if you do this at the weekend then you can freeze both portions of soup and slices of bread to have later in the week.


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