September Love Lula Subscription Box!


Hello everyone!

I’ve wanted to try an ethical beauty subscription box for a while and there are only a few available in the UK so I thought I’d try the Love Lula Beaty Box. The reviews look really good and it seems like good value for money – it’s £12.50 per month (on a rolling monthly subscription) for 5-8 products from various brands. That includes delivery too!

I actually received this a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to test the products out first so I can let you guys know rather than just listing what was in the box!


Fair Squared Face Cream: I was a bit wary of this brand as I really don’t like their BB Cream, but I was pleasantly surprised! This moisturiser is much lighter and sinks in quickly. This is going to be my go-to moisturiser for the colder months ahead.

Skin Blossom Hand Cream: I said recently that I do need a hand cream! However, I can’t stand the smell of this one… I’m not a floral person, and this hand cream smells so strongly of flowers. I can’t stand it, so I’m giving it away to my nan who will appreciate it more.

Jason Pure Cream: Although this was only a small sample (3 days worth), I enjoyed using this. I feel like it is suitable for most skin types and smells divine!

Madara Miscellar Water: I’m not impressed with this; it just smears make up around my face rather than actually removing it! It pales in comparison to the Good Things Miscellar Water. I’m glad this was just a sample and not a full sized product.

John Masters Organics Nourishing Conditioner: I’m really happy to use this as an everyday conditioner – a my hair is quite thick, I always tend to use conditioners for dry/difficult hair. This is perfect for me as it moisturises without weighing my hair down.

John Masters Organics Scalp Tingling Shampoo: This smells just like Tiger Balm – the stuff to rub on your chest when you were ill! I really like that. I’m not sure about making my hair grow faster/stronger as I’ve only used it once, but it’s a decent, deep cleansing shampoo.

REN Overnight Facial: I was most excited by this product as I’ve heard such good things about REN. However, this was a huge disappointment to me as the smell was awful! It smells like rotting fruit. The product itself works fine; it leaves my skin feeling lovely the next day, but I didn’t like applying it at all.

This was clearly a mix for me! I’m really happy with the Fairsquared moisturiser, and I’m going to look into John Masters products a bit more as they were also great! I’m going to keep the subscription and hope that October is better for me 🙂


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