Meat Free Monday: Creamy Polenta


This is another recipe from the Deliciously Ella book! It’s wayyy out of my comfort zone as I’ve never cooked Polenta before. But I gave it a shot as it’s getting cooler here so I wanted a warming dish.

It took a while to cook everything and as you can see, I left the kale a little too long in the oven! So some of it got burnt…

In the book she recommends having sweet potatoes as a side, which I imagine would work really well! Unfortunately I don’t have any. The dish is warming and comforting, but it doesn’t make me feel full like a sweet potato would – so I’d recommend that tip!

After eating this I’m just more intrigued by polenta! I can see the possibilities now; as a side dish, baked into a casserole, as an alternative to rice/pasta etc. I’m definitely going to experiment now with this.

Although this was tasty (apart from the burnt kale!), I didn’t find it super filling so when I try another polenta dish I’ll probably add another type of carb.

Have you tried cooking with polenta before? What did you think of it?


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