Meat Free Monday: Thug Kitchen Burritos


So today I wanted to try out what most American’s see as a standard meal, but what I see as quite adventurous – burritos! We don’t really have them in the UK… The odd restaurant might offer one generic meat and dairy filled one, but nothing like this.

This is a recipe from the Thug Kitchen book (which I’m loving!); it’s very simple to make and it’s just full of the good stuff – chickpeas, veggies, plus seasoning. This is such a good plant based meal, and the portion sizes were generous to say the least! I need to work on my burrito wrapping ability as I just couldn’t fit it all in.

This meal also works out super cheap – the most expensive part was half an avocado I added to the wrap, but this is optional.

I had 2 of these and still have some leftover! I might use it for lunch or have it on top of a jacket potato for a different meat-free meal.

As it’s cheap, simple and yummy I’ll definitely be making this again!


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