PYO Blueberry Nice Cream


It’s blueberry season!

I’ve seen a few posts over the past couple of weeks with blueberry themed recipes, and this year is actually a bumper crop for the UK! So I went blueberry picking at the weekend as a way to spend time outdoors and pick my own fruit. There’s a place not too far away from me so it’s perfect!

In half an hour, 2 of us had collected 1.5kg of blueberries – there were so many! And they were huge; they look like small grapes. For 1.5kg we only paid £7.50 – bargain, even with all the supermarket discounts at the moment.

When I got back I was looking for recipes that I could use them in. I’ve wanted to try making ‘nice cream’ for ages (dairy free ice cream), but it’s never seemed hot enough in England. As I had the fresh blueberries I went ahead and made blueberry nice cream anyway! I used:

  • 3 bananas
  • 150g blueberries
  • Splash of almond milk
  • Dash of vanilla essence

I chopped up the banana and added that and the blueberries to a ziplock bag and put that in the freezer. I left mine in there overnight, but I think it’d be easier to just leave it for 3 hours or so as it was rock hard! My blender wasn’t up to the job of mixing them so I had to let them thaw for half an hour before I could blend it up. I then added the milk and vanilla to adjust the consistency and taste 🙂


I’m so bad at presentation…

It tasted so yummy! It resembled ice cream, but it wasn’t sickly at all. I managed to eat it all in one sitting (super filling, but not too sweet). As it’s pretty much just fruit, I think this is a great snack/dessert! I’ll definitely make it again.


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