Foundation Series: Beautiful Movements

It’s been a while since I last did a Foundation Review! This is a slightly different one as it’s using a loose powder foundation; I’ve been wanting a super lightweight option for make up the past couple of weeks, and I actually won a £25 voucher from Ethical Superstore so I used part of it on this foundation.


This product claims to:

‘Achieve a flawless finish while protecting and caring for your skin with BM Beauty’s 100% pure mineral stripped foundation. The foundation contains zinc oxide, a naturally occurring mineral which has anti inflammatory properties making it ideal for unsettled and spot prone skin. You can achieve the best skin possible whilst zapping blemishes at the same time.’ It also claims to be ‘sweat resistant’, suggesting it’ll wear well.

I applied this using an Eco-Tools Powder Brush.

Loose Powder

1 – No make up! 2 – Just Foundation 3 – Full make up 4 – After 7 hours of wear

Price: £14 for 10g (although I got it when it was discounted to less than £12)

Initial thoughts: ‘OMG HOW DO YOU WORK LOOSE POWDERS?!!’ I spent a while being very frustrated at the packaging of this as I couldn’t get the powder out without whacking it down. It got easier as I got used to it and now I can get enough product out with a few firm taps!

Quality: I was concerned that as a powder, this wouldn’t give me very good coverage. As you can see in the photos I don’t have loads of blemishes, but I just want enough coverage to even out my skin tone. I feel like my dark circles are a bit too dark to be covered, but everything else is perfect! I was super happy with this. Also, it was the lightest base coverage I have ever used – my skin really did feel like it could ‘breathe’.

Ethicalness: This product is vegan, cruelty free and paraben free. Perfect! It’s sold in Holland & Barrett and the Ethical Superstore which are stores that only stock ‘good’ brands.

Colour availability: There are 8 different foundation options – I’m using ‘stripped’ which is the lightest one! You can order samples here so you know which colour is best for you.

Any other comments: I’m so happy with this! You can see from the photos that it wore fairly well – my oily areas (chin and nose) faded a little, but the rest of it stayed pretty well. The colour match is great for me. I’ve been wearing this non-stop since I figured out how to get the product out! Also, this may be diet or skin care regime or something else, but I’ve had very few spots since using this – might be something else, but it has felt super light. I also love that I don’t have to use a finishing powder with this as I already get a semi-matte finish from this base.

Repurchase?: Definitely! I was wary about powder foundations before, but I’ve been changed. This is my new favourite summer base!


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