Meat Free Monday: Mexican Quinoa Meal


This recipe is from the Deliciously Ella book I got for my birthday!

It doesn’t look the prettiest, but it’s pretty quick to make and I love all the complimenting flavours. The base is quinoa, with home-made guacamole and salsa, as well as refried beans. The recipe calls for black beans – which would be a bit healthier! But I can never find black beans in my local supermarket…

The one thing I didn’t do was make my own cashew cream – I don’t have a good enough blender for that! But I did need something to cool down my mouth as the refried beans were a little spicy, so I just used a pre-made sauce – bit of a cheat really!

I’ve said before that Mexican meals are the best for vegans/vegetarians as beans provide all the protein, and you can add in so many veggies! This is quite a simple version, but you could add more variety if you wanted to.


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