Ethical Sun Protection!

I’ve scheduled this blog post as I’m currently on holiday! So I thought it’s best to write about a vital thing I’ll be taking with me – all my holiday skin and body care. It’s super important even in England to use SPF; it means you’ll be safer and happier without severe sunburn.


Lush’s Sesame Suntan Lotion (SPF 10) £15 – this isn’t really for my holiday but I thought I’d include it as I’ve been using it in the UK for the past month or so! It does have a low SPF so it’s not suitable for anywhere super hot, but it’s perfect for balmy days in England. It can also be used as an aftersun as it contains aloe vera! It’s a great multi-use product and the scent doesn’t put me off (it does smell like sesame seeds!).

Bare Mineral’s Natural Sunscreen Powder (SPF 30, in light) £25 – I’ve also been testing this before I go abroad! It acts just like any other powder, with the added benefit of SPF! This is perfect for me as I hate reapplying suncream to my face over the course of a day – it just feels so oily. So, this is a great replacement that will leave me feeling comfortable. It also provides light coverage so I won’t feel the need to also apply make up during the day.

Jason’s Mineral Sunscreen (SPF 30) £13.99 – honestly I haven’t had a need to try this before now. I usually use factor 30 as I burn fairly easily. I’m hoping this will work just as well as traditional sunscreens.

Kiss My Face’s Face Factor (SPF 30) £9.59 – I wanted a sunscreen that would be suitable for the sensitive skin on my face so splashed out a bit on this one. I’ll use this after my regular moisturiser and then combined with the Bare Mineral’s Powder, hopefully this will create a strong barrier against the sun!

Malibu’s Hair and Scalp Protector (SPF 50) £5.99 – Every summer my parting burns. It’s so embarrassing! Not to mention painful. So this time I’m trying out this spray which should protect my scalp. Fingers crossed it works!

Holland and Barret’s Aloe Vera Gel £6.99 – Even with all these products, the likelihood is I will still burn at some point! I’ll probably forget to reapply regularly or go swimming. So this is a cooling gel for those scenarios – hopefully I won’t need it, but if I do it’ll be there to cool me down naturally.

All these products are cruelty free and/or from, what I would consider, ethical brands. I hope you enjoyed this round up! Let me know your must have sun care products/brands 🙂


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