June Favourites


I have quite a few favourites this month so let’s get straight into it!

First is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – it’s a cruelty free product that isn’t too expensive! I like that it’s bright orange so I know when it needs cleaning. I also love the finish it gives! It just looks amazing. But, you can only use it with liquid foundations, so not perfect.

Then, bargain of the month has to be the Kingfisher toothpaste (fluoride free, baking soda taste) – £3.15 for a 3 pack! It took me a while but I’m now used to the taste and I find it leaves me feeling just as clean as regular toothpastes. There’s not much else to say about this, but I have been using it a lot in June!

I’ve also been loving this overnight moisturiser by Organic Surge. It’s lavender scented, which I’m not a huge fan of, but it’s just so relaxing at night! This has really helped my dry skin recently as it’s super moisturising. I think the price is pretty good as well as this will last a really long time!

I’ve been trying out a new face wash as my Faith in Nature one is running out and I wanted to switch it up. According to Ethical Consumer, Bulldog is one of the most ethical skincare brands out there! So ethics-wise it’s great, price-wise it’s not bad (especially as it’s half price at the moment in Boots) and I love it. It comes out as a gel and then as you massage it into your face it lathers up. It leaves you feeling squeaky clean, and the scent is fairly neutral – it reminds me of Lush’s ‘Dirty’.

Finally, there’s my new favourite bath bomb from Lush! it’s an exclusive from the Oxford Street store called Guardian of the Forest. I was a little apprehensive about using this, but it’s so relaxing! It fizzes quite slowly so takes a good 15-20 minutes to completely dissolve which I think is the perfect amount of time. It’s not online yet and is only available in Oxford Street – so when I’m back there I’ll definitely stock up!



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