National Recycle Week!

So this week (22nd-28th June) is National Recycle Week!RW_Badge_2014

I’m not sure if I’ve stated this on this blog before, but my job is all about increasing recycling in my local area. So of course, I had to promote it in this week worldwide 🙂

The past few years have seen quite a few changes in what you can recycle (especially here in the UK). I didn’t know about a lot of the changes until I started working to promote it! For example, aerosols are now accepted in most recycling bins.

My family and I always recycle everything we can from the kitchen, but at the moment we don’t have a bin in the bathroom. So, one small change I’m going to make this week is to keep a bin in the bathroom! It makes sense as you can recycle (clean) plastic shampoo bottles, toothpaste boxes, aerosols etc.

You can look up exactly what you can recycle here if you live in the UK (I’m afraid if you live outside the UK you’ll have to look up your own equivalent!).

It’s so important to recycle as it saves resources (there’s no need to mine more aluminium if we’re recycling all our cans!), is better for the environment (landfill sites give off greenhouse gases and contribute to climate change), plus it saves energy (as manufacturing something out of recycled material uses less energy). It’s really just common sense!

Recycling is one of the easiest things you can do to make a difference to the world. The theme of this year’s Recycle Week is ‘recycling around the home’ – so how are you going to up your recycling this week? It could be as simple as adding a bin in your bathroom, or sharing social media updates from Recycle Now and WRAP!

Of course, the best thing to do is reduce and reuse things as much as possible. But that’s a whole other blog post/series!


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