World Environment Day Recap

World Environment Day is an annual event organised by the UN. This year it was June 5th (yesterday) – I wanted to write a mini recap of it for anyone who didn’t see it/know about it!

The theme this year was sustainable consumption; ‘Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care’, as by 2050 our global population is expected to exceed 9 billion and current consumption rates won’t be possible with one planet!

I really liked the WED challenge; submit a photo and a promise to reduce your negative impact on the environment. #WorldEnvironmentDay was trending all day on Twitter, and I’m sure this challenge concept was one of the reasons why!

In terms of raising awareness this was also a great day as many media outlets chose to run a story on an environmental issue. As most environmental problems are ongoing and there’s not necessarily a dramatic event, these often get ignored. So this was great to see!

However, while I understand that the theme had to be fairly simple in order to ‘go viral’, it was way too focused on the individual! My own blog mainly focuses on sustainable consumption, but it’s also so important to vote in politicians who are pro-environment and protest unethical corporations and question systems that promote resource exploitation. This campaign seemed to be almost a retaliation against the recent Climate Change protests and marches all around the world. This may be harsh, but I wish the day was more inclusive – and that it was more than just a day! Maybe then there would be more space for further actions, rather than just raising awareness and promoting individual responsibility.

Of course it’s great that it exists in the first place, but it can always be improved!


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