Lush Oxford Street Haul & Review


So, the other weekend I went to London and I spent a good hour in Lush’s new flagship store in Oxford Street! If you’re a lush fan, you probably know that the store opened over a month ago and there are over 200 exclusive products. I bought quite a few products, but nowhere near ALL the exclusives!

The shop itself is amazing. I went on Sunday in the early afternoon, and it wasn’t nearly as hectic as I was expecting. The atmosphere was very calming and there were lots of members of staff available to help. The staff really are amazing too – one lady gave me a mini hand massage to show a new exfoliator, another applied ‘hair custard’ (a treatment) to my hair, and another showed me how all the new lip products worked. The space worked so well and I didn’t feel cramped like in some other Lush stores… It seemed like more of an experience, than a ‘normal’ shop!

The only bad thing I can think of is that after about 15 minutes, I found it really hard to tell the difference between scents! I guess the way to get round this would be to bring coffee beans with you so you can keep refreshing your palette – but this is pretty extreme!

Now onto the haul! I mainly bought bath products, but I’ll start with the other categories (all in the left of the top photo):

Make up: Fantasy (Liquid Eyeliner) £14.50 – this has been on my wishlist for a while! It’s not an exclusive product, but I’ve been put off by the price tag! It’s a gorgeous gold which does not budge! I swatched this on my hand and it was there for hours afterwards. It’s also vegan 🙂

Hair: Damaged (hot oil treatment) £6.50 – this is an exclusive product. It’s a solid oil on a lollipop stick which you pop into a mug of boiling water and swirl around. When it’s cooled and evenly mixed, you apply to your hair and leave for half an hour. This one smells of vanilla and the assistant recommended this one to me because it’s the most moisturising. Again this is suitable for vegans!

Deodorant: Deo My BO (I can’t remember the price – I think it was £5-7) I’m experimenting a bit with natural deodorants so I wanted to try a Lush one. I thought this one smelled the nicest! I’m not sure if this is suitable for vegans as it doesn’t say on the packaging.

Shower Cream: Comforter £7.50 for 250g – if you know the comforter bubble bar, this is the shower version of it! I love that smell so I just HAD to buy this. If anything this smells more intensely of berries. It also has shimmer in it and is more moisturising than a gel. This is also suitable for vegans!

Face Mask: Don’t Look At Me (I think it was around £6-8) – this is pretty much the opposite of Mask of Magniminty. It’s super duper moisturising, and it’s bright blue. It’s one of their fresh face masks so it has to be used in 3 weeks and kept in the fridge. I think it’s suitable for vegans but not 100% sure (the ingredients look fine, but there’s not the vegan symbol). I’m loving this at the moment as my face is super dry!


Onto the bath bits –

Bath Oils: The tiny green and orange balls you can see in the top left of the first photo are new products – the orange one is called orange blossom and smells of (surprise surprise) orange, the green one smells of apple. They’re super moisturising and good for your skin, as well as a bargain at £2 each!

Reusable Bubble Bars:

  • Windmill: I had to get this as I used to work at a wind turbine! It smells a little unusual – lime, orange, ginger and clove are the main scents! It’s reusable and I imagine this will last 4 uses? The price was a bit more than most bubble bars but I can’t remember exactly how much it was.
  • Pink Flamingo: This smells so fruity and delicious – if you like the comforter, you’ll probably like this. It contains rosewood and ylang ylang. I imagine this will last around 3 times? Again this cost more than most other bubble bars but I can’t remember exactly how much.

Bath bombs (all £3-4):

  • Yoga bomb (the orange one in the bottom left of the photo): This is a layered bomb which is supposed to be super relaxing and calming. It smells quite woody, but I guess the layers means that there will be different scents as it unfurls!
  • Lava Lamp (orange with purple dots): This contains cocoa butter (which is 100% traceable – good job Lush!) and lots of orange oils. It smells so fresh and summery!
  • Intergalactic (blue with purple and white streaks): this contains peppermint and popping candy! I’m so excited to use this. Hopefully it’ll look really pretty.
  • Guardian of the Forest (Green with a bright green pattern): This contains rosewood oil and smells quite earthy. I think this will be pretty interesting!

Bubbleroon – Yuzu & Cocoa (top right of photo – around £4): This is a reworking of the existing one; I think it looks better. It smells quite subtly of chocolate orange and it contains coconut oil and shea butter, so it’ll be moisturising. This says it’s suitable for vegans on the label.

And that’s it!

Sorry I couldn’t remember the exact prices of all the items and some products don’t say if they’re suitable for vegans. Hope you enjoyed this run through and found it useful; I’m looking forward to trying all these out!

I hope they start selling these products in other stores too as I really want to try out the hair custard and the new lipsticks, but I couldn’t really justify it at the time! Fingers crossed…

lush oxford street


2 thoughts on “Lush Oxford Street Haul & Review

  1. It must have been an amazing experience to visit the flagship store and have access to all the exclusive items!
    I’d be interested in seeing a review of that liquid liner! I’ve been curious about some of LUSH’s makeup items for some time now, especially their cream eye shadow in Sophisticated!

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