Foundation Series: NYX

This is the 4th foundation I’ve reviewed here! I’m also hoping to review ELF make up when it becomes available in the UK – but this may be a few months away! This is NYX’s Stay Matte Liquid Foundation. DSC_0317 According to the description online, this ‘provides medium to full coverage. Light texture for easy application. Consists of Vitamin E to soften blemishes and fine lines. Long lasting wear up to 8 hours’.

I applied this with my fingers as I’ve not yet found a sponge or brush that is any better, and I haven’t used a primer as I can’t find any budget friendly, ethical ones in the UK.


First photo is me with no make up, second one is me with just NYX foundation on, third is a full face of make up and the fourth photo is after around 7 hours of wear.

Price: £9.00 for 35g

Initial Thoughts: The packaging makes this look more professional. I bought the lightest colour (Ivory) which is a shade too light for me! This reminded me a lot of Barry M’s foundation (which I loved) – reviewed here. I like the texture; it feels very light on the skin and yet gives a medium-full coverage.

Quality: I really liked this when I initially applied it; it blended well and felt really light on my skin. However, I don’t think this wore very well – you might be able to see in the last photo that it became very patchy and sunk into pores around my nose and chin. Not very attractive!

Ethicalness: This is certified by leaping bunny as free from animal cruelty. This is why I was drawn to them – as well as some claims I’d seen beauty bloggers make about how good they were! It’s not vegan as it contains beeswax.

Colour Availability: Great!! Far better than the other brands I’ve reviewed – 15 shades available! This probably still isn’t enough, but it’s a fab start. As I said, the lightest shade was too pale for me so they do go super pale. The tone was neutral so it would suit most people. It’s definitely a winner in this department.

Any other comments: I was expecting quite a lot from this foundation, as I’d heard other bloggers talk about how good NYX is! This wasn’t as good as I had hoped. It really looked bad after 7 hours – the last photo doesn’t capture it. But it does look good after initial application – this may be my new go to foundation for special events (lasting under 6 hours) rather than an everyday option.

Repurchase: Perhaps if I can find some way to make this last longer! I think the Barry M one has an edge over this slightly, and this is more expensive, so I’ll be more likely to repurchase that. But if Barry M doesn’t cater for your skin tone, this is a good, ethical option for you!


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