Capsule Ethical Workwear Wardrobe

Ethical Workwear

Apologies for the changing light! I was originally going to take these outside, but it kept clouding over so that’s why the photos all look slightly different.

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve recently got a new job! It’s my first ‘career-job’ and the first one without a uniform. I love that I get to choose my own clothes every day. It gives me a feeling of self and it’s super important after going through the British school system and having to wear the same uniform for 11 years of my life!

But then there was the issue of ‘I have nothing to wear that’s suitable for an office’!!

I wanted to buy a capsule workwear wardrobe that I would be comfortable wearing, wouldn’t cost me too much and has come from an ethical source.

I started off with what I already had; the second outfit was my interview outfit, so that’s a good starting point! There’s also the leopard print People Tree dress which I’ve blogged about before.

Then I got some basics from New Look – the black trousers, black skirt and white shirt (can’t find the link for that, sorry!). They have a whole work section online, nothing cost more than £20, and I’ve mentioned how ethical they are previously.

I went to H&M for an extra shirt – the zig zag pattern one which I love (but can’t find the link for, sorry)!! Again it was cheap and I’m happy buying from H&M as they have a transparent supplier list.

Then I turned to second hand clothing; the shoes are from ebay and cost £7, the cream peter pan collar blouse is also from ebay and cost £3 (bargain as it was originally from Next!). Then Vinted came through with the bright blue dress – £20, the pinky-red shirt – £12 and the patterned trousers – £15.

Buying second hand meant that I got good value for money, and topped up my wardrobe so I now have all I need for work! It’s also the most ethical way to buy clothing as you’re not creating any more waste or encouraging the use of child labour. Just make sure to check out my tips on how to shop on ebay as it’s easy to end up with something that doesn’t fit/you don’t like.

I’m still searching for some nude/white shoes for the summer months, and I’m sure I would need to invest in more layers for winter wear, but apart from that I’m very happy with the capsule wardrobe!

Which outfit is your favourite?


3 thoughts on “Capsule Ethical Workwear Wardrobe

  1. Congrats on your new job!
    It’s funny that being able to choose your own outfit daily is such a novelty when there are days that I just wish I wore a uniform! But I wore uniforms in school, I wanted SO badly to wear my own clothes – just can’t win.
    My favourite outfit is the cream peter pan collar blouse + skirt! You look lovely in all though. 🙂

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