Foundation Series: Fair Squared

I’m going to include this even though it’s a BB Cream, as it has so many great ethical qualities that drew me to it in the first place! So today I’ll review Fair Squared Cosmetics BB Cream:


‘This tinted moisturising facial cream by Fair Squared comes in two shades – BB Cream Light for fair skin and BB Cream Medium for lightly tanned or olive skin types. The BB Creams by Fair Squared are the first anywhere in the world to have achieved Fairtrade certification. They moisturise the skin and protect it against environmental stresses and signs of premature aging. They match the natural skin tone, slight blemishes vanish and the skin appears naturally smooth and even.

Both shades contain Fairtrade certified olive oil, vitamin E, panthenol and evodia rutaecarpa fruit extracts, giving you a smooth and even complexion.’

I applied this with my fingers as I’ve not yet found a sponge or brush that is any better, and I haven’t used a primer as I can’t find any budget friendly, ethical ones in the UK.

First photo is me without any make up, second is just with the BB cream on, the third is me with a full face of make up and the fourth is after almost 7 hours of wear.

First photo is me without any make up, second is just with the BB cream on, the third is me with a full face of make up and the fourth is after almost 7 hours of wear.

Price: £14.99 for 50ml (although I got this at 20% off from the ethical superstore).

Initial Thoughts: Obviously it’s a BB cream so has a lighter coverage than foundations, so this is probably better for a natural make up look. It’s very pink toned – quite unusual! It’s only just pale enough for my skin, but the pink means it doesn’t neutralise my red areas as well as other products – you can see this around my nose in the second photo.

Quality: It gave more of a blurred effect to the skin – a very light coverage to even skin tone, but not cover anything. However, it actually felt quite heavy – one of the main ingredients is olive oil, so it could be due to this. In the last photo I tried to show two spots had emerged over the day (upper nose and chin) – not huge white-heads, just small red pimples. It may be coincidence and I didn’t feel irritated, but I wanted to point that out…

Ethicalness: This is certified as Fair Trade – very unusual for cosmetics to gain this certification! This impressed me, and I read on about Fair Squared; they’re committed to switching to organic ingredients, are against animal testing and are working to make all their products vegan. This is what initially drew me to the company! All great stuff.

Colour availability: Poor!! 2 colours is obviously not enough… As I said before, it is very pink toned, so would only suit those with pink undertones. I don’t know about the other one, but I wasn’t impressed with the light shade.

Any other comments: You can see in the third photo that, because my powder also has colour to it, I look like I have medium coverage. However, it did fade fairly quickly so within 3 hours I was back to a light coverage. I think this would work better as a light, weekend base if you are the right shade!

Repurchase?: No – I would rather just add moisturiser to a foundation (like the two I’ve already reviewed here and here) to control the coverage. The shade isn’t quite right for me – too pink and a little too dark. I may take it on holiday in the summer to use it up (I wouldn’t want to waste it!), but it doesn’t contain spf so I’d have to use a facial sun cream as well.


4 thoughts on “Foundation Series: Fair Squared

  1. Shame it isn’t up to the job but huge admiration for a company that try. 10/10 for effort. Thanks for sharing. Have you ever come across Bio Fresh skin care? I’d love to hear your views on their products.


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