Fashion Revolution!

It’s been two years since the tragic Rana Plaza collapse.

In case you don’t know; a garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing and injuring thousands of workers. This highlighted the poor conditions that people work in, particularly in the fashion industry. There was an expectation that something would be done about it – more regulations and better conditions, but it looks like it’s business as usual…

This is where we come in!

Today is fashion revolution day, and it is our job to ask the question who made my clothes? By showing that we care about workers conditions, brands and companies will hopefully make their supply chain more transparent and improve conditions in their factories.

So the idea is that we take a selfie showing a label from a piece of clothing you’re wearing. You then post this image on social media, tag the brand and #whomademyclothes?

This is such a simple, quick statement to make – so I hope you’ll join me in this action! If enough of us participate then we’ll definitely make an impact 🙂DSC_0288

It’s dress down Friday at the office so I wore this t-shirt from H&M (the label is near the waist so kind of hard to selfie with!); although I’ve mentioned this brand before as being quite ethical, the label clearly states ‘Made in Bangladesh’. This is quite worrying considering this was where the factory collapsed two years ago! I’ll tweet them and if I get a response I’ll let you know.


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