Meat Free Monday: Sweet Potato Cakes


Ok guys, stay with me. I know it looks a little gross, but that’s because I am incapable of presenting food!

This is a recipe from Deliciously Ella and she has her own perfect pictures you can see here.

Sweet potatoes are a new love of mine, but unfortunately they are going out of season so I’m going to try to stop using them after this! These Sweet Potato Cakes are a little different to just eating sweet potato wedges all the time. The recipe says 4 sweet potatoes makes about 4 cakes, but I only used 3 and they still made huge cakes!! So I think you could cut down to 2/3 depending on size. I also substituted almond butter for tahini as I couldn’t find any in my local area!

Serving with salad and smashed avocado; I think this made a well balanced meal, perfect for moving into spring/summer.

Again, apologies for the presentation – I promise it still tasted great!


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