Foundation Series: Barry M

This is the second foundation I’ve tested (first is here), this is Barry M’s Flawless Finish Foundation:


This is an ‘oil free formulation, containing soothing moisturisers with skin healing properties, for a flawless matte finish’.

I applied this with my fingers as I’ve not yet found a sponge or brush that is any better, and I haven’t used a primer as I can’t find any budget friendly, ethical ones in the UK.


The first photo is me without any make up, the second one is just with the Barry M foundation, the third one is with the rest of my make up and the final one is after 6 hours of wear.

Price: £5.99 for 30g

Initial Thoughts: I always thought of Barry M as a nail brand; this IS the only foundation that they do, so I’m interested to see how it does. I love the pump style packaging (although disliked the unnecessary extra plastic packaging when I bought it), and the consistency is a fairly thick liquid. This was a really good colour match for me!

Quality: I am impressed. This feels really light on the skin! I only needed 2 pumps to cover my face with a medium coverage; you can see in the photo that my redness has been covered (again, I don’t have a lot of spots at the moment and the ones I do have are red lumps so I can’t talk about coverage of spots really). Within 15 minutes I forgot it was on my skin – it felt so light and natural.

Ethicalness: Barry M is a British brand which claims that their head office and factories remain in Britain (meaning that workers are less likely to be exploited), all their products are vegetarian (some vegan, but not this foundation) and this page shows their stance on animal cruelty. All very impressive for a brand that I personally didn’t think was particularly ethical until I did some research!

Colour Availability: There are 5 shades (same as the Lush Foundation) and they don’t go very dark… However, they’re not orange (yay!) – the lightest shade works fine on my quite pale skin.

Any Other Comments: I really liked this – I was surprised by how much! Given the price, I wasn’t expecting too much, but I found it super lightweight and almost flawless! I don’t think it wore particularly well throughout the day though – the last picture is after about 6 hours of wear (and no touch ups) and it doesn’t look great. Maybe with a primer and regular touch ups throughout the day I’d be fine.

Repurchase: Yes! I think this is great value for money and it fits in with my values. I was super impressed by this, although I may need to invest in a good primer to make it last all day.


9 thoughts on “Foundation Series: Barry M

  1. This is a brilliant foundation, Barry M is a fab company. I’m just gutted that it isn’t Vegan as I am trying to clear out my non Vegan stash and so won’t repurchase it. But it’s a lovely excuse to buy more make up 😉 Great post, pleased to now be following your blog 🙂


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