Foundation Series: Lush, Jackie Oates

Since it’s animal cruelty prevention month, I thought this would be a great time to begin my make up testing series. Recently I’ve been researching the brands that are cruelty free or ethical in some way, and testing them out for you guys.

I’ll start with foundation as it’s something basic that’s easy to show! I have around 5 different products to test and I’ll show you how they look and what I think of them. They will all be under £15 as I want to make this budget friendly 🙂

First up is Lush’s Jackie Oates:


This foundation claims to calm and even skin tone; it contains oat milk, shea butter, honey and aloe vera. You can either use this alone as a medium – high coverage foundation or mix with a moisturiser to create a more natural looking base.

The photos below are of me using the foundation alone – my current moisturiser contains spf, and Jackie Oates also contains Titaniam dioxide (sunscreen), so when I applied the mix it went a little bobbly. I love that it has sunscreen in it, but you might want to mix it with a moisturiser without sunscreen if you want to use it as a tinted moisturiser!

I applied this with my fingers as I’ve not yet found a sponge or brush that is any better, and I haven’t used a primer as I can’t find any budget friendly, ethical ones in the UK.

Jackie Oates

The first photo is me without any make up, second is just with the Jackie Oates foundation, the third is the rest of my make up too, and the last one is after 7 hours of wear.

Price: £9.50 for 20g

Initial thoughts: The consistency is a lot thicker than I’m used to! I was quite worried when I applied it, but it’s very pigmented so you don’t need much to cover your face. It was very pale!! I’m used to foundations being too dark for me, but this was almost too pale! You can see in the second photo that my red patches have been neutralised and I think I look a bit ghost-like…

Quality: This easily covers blemishes (although mine aren’t bad at the moment – just a few red bumps) and evened out my skin tone. I’m not really sure how the ingredients soothe my skin; it certainly doesn’t irritate me, people with sensitive skin may notice this is good for them but for me it just felt like another foundation on my skin!

Ethicalness: Lush is a fab company – they are 100% vegetarian, against animal testing, buy their ingredients ethically and don’t use excess packaging. This product contains honey so isn’t vegan unfortunately!

Colour availability: There are 4 more foundations available from Lush that are called Light Pink, Light Yellow, Dark Pink and Dark Yellow. It’s not great, but not terrible either… In my local lush store there were no testers available so you just have to guess your colour. I think I made the right decision – light pink may not have been enough to neutralise my red patches.

Any other comments: The colour is quite pale but along with a setting powder to match my skin tone, blusher and a lip colour this looks great! I think it lasts quite well – you can see in the last photo that after 7 hours it’s still going strong, with just a little creasing.

Repurchase?: Perhaps, if I get used to the texture! I’m so used to liquid that it still feels a little alien to use a thick cream. It’s more expensive than others, but I think it does look good and it doesn’t have any nasties in it. I like how you can customise the coverage by adding moisturiser, but I can only use this in winter/spring as it’ll definitely be too light for me in summer!

If there are any other points you would like me to cover in this series please let me know in the comments below!


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