Meat Free Monday: Three Bean + Sweet Potato Chili/Soup?


This was an attempt at a combination of these two recipes: ‘Amazing 3 bean Sweet Potato Chili‘ and ‘Lentil Chili‘ – both vegan!

I liked the simplicity of the Lentil one, but also the twist of adding sweet potato (my new favourite food!). So, I used one tin of lentils, one tin of kidney beans and one of cannellini beans plus 2 small sweet potatoes.

The method is quite simple, except when adding the vegetable stock I clearly added too much water! You can tell in the photo – the consistency was a mix of chunky soup and chili. I think it would be a good idea to blend half of the chili up (as mentioned in the Lentil recipe), so the consistency is more even.

But we went with the added liquid by making garlic bread so soak it up; mix vegan butter with some crushed garlic, spread onto the bread slice and then grill. Super simple 🙂

I also topped it with some dairy-free cheese and half an avocado (another food I’m becoming a bit obsessed with!). This really complimented the flavours in the meal.

The recipe made about 6 portions, and it was really filling! So I’ve frozen the remaining portions ready to be microwaved for an evening when I have less time.


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