My March Favourites

The big news of this month is that I’ve been offered a job! It’s a full time job that’s basically trying to get people to recycle more – I start on 13th April 🙂 This does mean that I’ve been looking at clothes that are more work appropriate (I might do a whole ethical work-wear haul/capsule wardrobe blog post soon), one of which is this lovely dress from People Tree:


I bought it just because I liked it generally, but I think it’ll work in an office environment too – the leopard print it subtle and the shape is both flattering and not too revealing! At £26 this was a great bargain, I’m considering buying a similar one (also in the sale section) in blue.

I’ve been reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay for a while now; it’s a collection of essays about feminism that links everything back to personal experiences/popular culture. I think this is a great balance between being too heavy and serious, and the recent surge in funny feminist books (which I love, but sometimes miss the point a bit).

Roxane explores the intersectionality issues in feminism in a way that I haven’t really seen before. Even for someone who’s studied Gender, and been a feminist for a few years, there’s more to learn here! I loved it and think it’s a must read for everyone 😀

Lush has an Easter collection out; I think it’s weird how the shops are trying to make Easter a big gift thing, but this didn’t stop me trying out the Golden Egg!


It’s a bath bomb melt, so it leaves your skin feeling really soft as well as looking pretty! Warning: it is super glittery! It left a stain on my bath, but it didn’t take too long to wipe away. It’s not putting me off though as I’m planning on buying another one before they run out of stock (it is just here for Easter).

Another favourite of mine this month has been the BBC 3 Free Speech debates about the general election; I love how they’re engaging young people in politics, and also showing politicians that young people do care! If you missed it you can still watch it on iplayer to get a feel for what the political parties represent. However, one glaring omission from the debates was climate change – no one mentioned it!! Still, it’s better than some of the other televised debates…

And my absolute favourite thing from the past month has got to be the Climate March! I blogged about this on the day; it was so empowering to see thousands of people marching together for one cause. I was smiling the entire day and it was definitely worth going down to London for.



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