Divine Chocolate Review


Divine Chocolate is pretty great; it’s a Fairtrade company that is 45% owned by cocoa farmers. They’re certainly the most ethical chocolate brand that I’ve found! They have some quite interesting flavours too, so I thought I’d try out a few of them and review them for you guys:

Dark Chocolate and Mint – this tasted kind of like an after eight mint, but better! I liked this one because you couldn’t eat too much of it (the dark chocolate is too bitter), which meant I didn’t overindulge! These were perfect to have with a mug of hot chocolate (or hot drink of your choice) in the evening. 8/10

Orange Milk Chocolate – this flavour was the opposite of the mint one; so moreish! I could have easily eaten the entire bar in one sitting. It tastes like a higher quality Terry’s Chocolate Orange. I can imagine children would love this one more than the other flavours. 7.5/10

Dark Chocolate and Raspberries – this was my favourite! The raspberry flavour actually comes from tiny bits of real raspberry in the chocolate. I love raspberries so it’s no surprise that I really loved this – it tasted really different and not too artificial. Again, because it’s dark I wasn’t going to eat all of it in one sitting, but I was more tempted to because it just tasted so good! 10/10 😀

Milk Chocolate with Spiced Apples – I was intrigued by this one; I’d seen it at Christmas and wanted to try it, but just hadn’t had the money! This was a little disappointing to me, it tasted more artificial (you can’t fit chunks of apple into the bar!) and I didn’t think the flavours went as well together. Maybe if I’d tried it when Christmas was approaching I would have enjoyed it more as it’d match the season! 5/10

Both Dark Chocolate bars contain soya, but no milk so are suitable for vegans 🙂

I really want to try Milk Chocolate with Toffee and Sea Salt, but it was out of stock when I ordered! The Dark Chocolate with Chilli and Orange bar also seems interesting…

The chocolate bars are obviously more expensive than other brands because of their Fairtrade commitment, I’m willing to pay a little more for this but I actually got these on offer from the ethical superstore!

If you have any flavour recommendations, please comment below 🙂


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