Why World Water Day?

If you haven’t already seen it all over twitter; it’s World Water Day today!

The theme this year is water and sustainable development – the UN water website has a fab summary of why water is linked so closely to development. This is why I think this day is so important.

Not only are there environmental reasons why we need to be concerned about our water consumption, but we need to be able to distribute clean, safe water more evenly around the world.

Nearly 750 million people are without access to clean drinking water or improved sanitation.

In contrast, I calculated my daily consumption of water and found that I use over 200 litres a day! You can calculate how much you use here. It also shows your carbon emissions linked to heating water – mine are 1.3kg every day… Or 474.5kg per year.

These are pretty shocking figures, and I’m sure we all know ways we could save water; shorter showers, more water efficient washing machines, only boiling the water you need etc.

However, there are some others that aren’t included in the water calculation I took – water is embedded in everything, so consuming less overall will mean that less water is needed to produce other items (food/clothing).

You may have noticed in my morning and evening beauty routines, I only need cotton wool for the toning step in the morning. I try to avoid using cotton as it takes 20 000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of cotton.

Another way to reduce your water consumption is through a change in diet; 70% of water is used by agriculture, so you could support local, family farms that don’t use so much water and also reduce your meat and dairy consumption.

Another way to support the more even distribution of water, is by supporting charities like Water Aid and Water.org!

Here’s a video about World Water Day:


3 thoughts on “Why World Water Day?

  1. greenmindvegheart says:

    What an insightful post! I love your point about consuming less to use less water, since it’s in everything.


  2. “Nearly 750 million people are without access to clean drinking water or improved sanitation.” Wow! That is a pretty shocking statistic. Great post! Thanks for raising awareness about the water crisis.


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