Mini Food Doctor Review


The Food Doctor products have always stood out to me due to the packaging – I love the bright, clean colours. I found these in the ‘free from’ section in my local supermarket. They were all on offer so I took advantage of that to try them!

I like that there aren’t too many ingredients, and they’re all ones I can pronounce! It also clearly states whether products are vegetarian and vegan.

The couscous and lentil pot was only £1 and it’s a great, vegan, filling option for lunch. I also like that the pot itself is completely recyclable – totally sustainable! I’ll probably buy this again.

I’m not usually a fan of crisps – I find them too salty! But these were different. The korma ones really tasted of korma, but I found the spicy chipotle ones a bit too hot. However, I dislike that the packaging isn’t recyclable. So I probably won’t buy these again.

The apple and walnut bar was my favourite – I love the combination of flavours! It tasted healthy, but it gave me a lot of energy. It’s the perfect mid-afternoon snack. However, this also has the problem of packaging. I might buy it again when it’s on offer, but I wouldn’t buy it regularly because of all the waste!


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