Review of Lush Henna Caca Marron + Before and After Photos

Last month I applied Henna to my hair to colour and also nourish it (as Lush’s Henna blocks contain cocoa butter). This is from the Lush UK page:

‘Henna coats your hair like a varnish, which means your individual shade sits underneath the henna, creating a colour that’s unique to you. Available in four shades, Marron turns hair a shiny chestnut colour with autumnal tones thanks to a splash of lemon juice as well as a pinch of ground coffee that adds depth.’

I chose Marron because I wanted a more reddy-brown colour, but I also wanted it to be fairly natural so I thought coating it would be better than any chemical dyes out there!

Here’s a photo of my hair before any dye had been applied:


I’d say it was a light-medium brown with ashy tones. As you can see, it’s fairly short so I only used half the henna block to dye all my hair which worked out to be exactly the right amount. The process is messy, but not as bad as I was expecting based on other reviews! I guess because my hair’s short that also helped in cutting down the time and potential mess. I also found it conditioned my hair so it really did feel like a treatment as much as a colour.

The day after I washed the henna out, my hair did turn an alarming shade of orange – I had left the dye on for the maximum recommended time (4 hours) so the red was more vibrant. I was concerned, but others had said that it takes a few days for the dye to properly set in. This photo was taken a week after I dyed it:

Apologies for the awkward fringe - it was growing out at this point!

Apologies for the awkward fringe – it was growing out at this point!

As you can see, the dye was pretty red and my natural highlights became very bright! But it looks quite natural as each strand is coated so it’s not just one block colour.

Here’s a photo from a couple of days ago – so pretty much a month after dying it:


You can see it’s faded considerably, but it’s still much more warm toned than my original colour! And here’s a photo taken outside (while I was on the climate march – on the same day):


You can see there’s definitely still a red tint to the hair in sunlight!

So I would definitely recommend this to people with shorter hair – if you have super long hair the process would just be too much! The colour is a bit of a risk as it depends on your natural hair colour, but hopefully these pictures will help you guys. I am definitely going to use this again but I’m going to wait until September as this is such a nice autumnal colour. It’s not a bad price – £9.25 for 2 applications which seem to last a long time!

If you have any questions about it feel free to ask in the comments 🙂

Also apologies for so many photos of my face!


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