It’s Time To Act

I spent today in London at the Time to Act Climate March!

My Sign! 'Our World - Our Future'

My Sign! ‘Our World – Our Future’

It was so great; I was surrounded by like minded people, we had some brilliant speakers at the end and I left feeling energised and motivated to keep the climate movement active in the run up to the general election (in the UK) in May and the UN climate talks (in Paris) in December.

However, as fantastic as the day was, this was a demonstration that the elected politicians and people of power can really choose to ignore. Although the divestment movement have had success in focusing on specific organisations, the only way to get climate change as a whole onto the agenda is to vote for politicians who will take the matter seriously. So here is a link to register to vote in the UK – please, please, please register if you haven’t already! If you don’t then you’re invisible to the people in power and therefore losing your voice in democracy.

If you’ve already registered, then consider contacting your MP/people running for your constituency to get them to discuss their stance on climate change. Their job is to represent you, so if you can show how important this issue is then it may persuade them to vote on issues to do with the environment and climate change.

And of course, there will be many more marches and protests over the coming months – they really are great fun so that’s just a bonus to raise awareness in politicians and the general public too! I might see you at one soon 🙂

Among the 20 000 strong by Parliament

Among the 20 000 strong by Parliament


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