February Favourites


I love this jumper I got from ebay (£5), originally from Wallis – it has a great oversized fit, with lovely spring-y colours, so perfect for this transitional time of the year. Also pictured is a water bottle: I’ve been trying to drink more water recently as I know I don’t drink enough, so I invested in this reusable bottle. It has a compartment for fruit, so it tastes better and even has more nutrients than ‘plain’ water! If you search online for fruit infused water bottles there are loads of options – I chose one with a flip lid, and in bright yellow to match the lemon I add to it 🙂

There are a couple of great books I’ve read this month too; Beauty Queens by Libba Bray and The Lost World by Michael Crichton. Beauty Queens is a teen novel, but it deals with quite a few deep themes that make it interesting even if you’re not a teen yourself! It’s a little clunky in the obvious criticism of society, but it actually made me laugh out loud in some places so it deserves a place here. Then The Lost World – a completely different genre, but I also loved it. The film does it no justice; again there are some interesting themes throughout and it’s just a great read that I didn’t want to finish.

Now for a website; vinted is kind of like a smaller, more communal ebay that just sells clothes. The site is really easy to use and it’s not as overwhelming as ebay; there are thousands rather than millions of dresses! So I’d recommend it to anyone looking into buying more quality second hand clothing.

Finally, Selma. This film was so worth waiting for (it only came out in the UK recently), there are no words to summarise it effectively. It’s one of those films that I’m glad I went to see in the cinema, but I’ll also want a DVD when it comes out! I just think it’s such an important film that everyone should see, even the trailer gives me chills:

If you’ve blogged about your favourites this month, then leave a link in the comments so I can read them too!


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