(Vegan) Chocolate Madness!

A bit of pre-Valentine’s Day Sweetness in the form of cake and hot chocolate! These were fairly easy and use ingredients you’ll find in your local supermarket ๐Ÿ™‚

choc cake

Yes, this is an instagrammed photo!

First off is this rich, squishy, gorgeous (vegan) chocolate Oreo cake. We mainly followed this recipe, but instead of decorating the top with whole Oreos we mixed them into the icing and we also found that leaving it overnight in the fridge made it a lot easier to slice! It is quite rich so you only need a small portion – you could also add cream and it becomes a dessert!


I used a photo of the ingredients as the actual drink doesn’t look super pretty!

Since I watched Vegucated (discussed here), I’ve been looking into dairy alternatives – I used almond milk for the cake so decided to try using it to make hot chocolate. I’m using an unsweetened version so added maple syrup to sweeten and vanilla essence to cover up the nutty taste a little! I used Green and Black’s Cocoa Powder because it’s a lot stronger than other cheaper brands, and it’s also organic and Fairtrade.

All you need to do is measure a mug of almond milk and heat it in a small saucepan, then add a teaspoon of the cocoa and mix. Next, add a little maple syrup and vanilla essence. Taste it to see what you want to add more of – I love vanilla so added a bit more of that,ย and half a teaspoon of extra cocoa powder to make it richer. It still has a nutty underlying taste, but it’s not a bad thing at all!


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