Becoming Vegucated

I’ve been looking for more information about the environmental impact of different foods and health implications; I’m aware of the basics, but wanted to know more as I transition to a more plant based diet.

I found Vegucated on Netflix – it’s just over an hour long, but seriously changed my perceptions on food! You start off with three people who eat a ‘normal’ Western diet, and watch them attempt to go vegan.


It’s not too preachy and has a human element that makes it interesting. It also starts off with really basic information and then follows with more complex stuff, so it’s interesting for newbies and seasoned vegans alike.

Warning: there are a couple of scenes with dead animals/animal cruelty, so may not be suitable for young children.

It’s the best documentary about food that I’ve seen for a while, has anyone got any recommendations for me? I’d love to keep learning about healthy eating and reducing my impact on the planet! It’s inspired me to experiment with milk alternatives so look out for some vegan recipes soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “Becoming Vegucated

  1. I watched Vegucated and although I haven’t eaten meat since I was a Teenager it taught me so much about farming practices and has made me seriously reconsider so many of my food choices. It’s a really interesting film and well worth a watch.

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