How To Make Tax Fair

I was going to write a post today about boycotting Starbucks (as they don’t pay their taxes), but the problem is endemic – a huge number of large companies don’t pay taxes! So instead I’ll raise awareness of the Tax Dodging Bill Campaign.


I volunteer for Oxfam and it’s through them that I found out about the campaign; it’s now up and running and I’m planning to be involved with it as much as possible!

-Tax avoidance is legal, but immoral – it essentially contributes to inequality by making the rich richer, while the poor continue to pay their taxes.

– It costs the UK an estimated £3.6 billion per year – this is an insane amount and the bill suggests that the savings should be spent to reduce poverty.

160 corporations paid NO CORPORATION TAX AT ALL in the 2012/13 fiscal year; as I said, it’s endemic so you can’t really just boycott one company to solve it, you have to change the law.

How the Tax Dodging Bill will solve some of these issues:

1. Make it harder for big companies to dodge UK taxes by reviewing tax breaks and ensuring tax havens aren’t being used.

2. Make the UK tax regime more transparent and accountable through reporting.

The Bill is complicated but it is essentially trying to make companies pay the tax that they should be paying in the first place!

The campaign is important to get the bill on the agenda for the upcoming election so we have just under 100 days to get parties to include this in their manifestos, and then the process can begin to get it passed as a law.

For this to happen we need to put public pressure on candidates, so please sign the petition, use the hashtag #MakeTaxFair and send an email urging your candidates to support this bill.

These actions take less than 5 minutes but will make a huge difference so please do as much as you can 🙂

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