Third Week of the Declutter Challenge


This week I turned to my bookshelf and jewellery collection for inspiration; I’ve been meaning to get rid of the textbooks on the left for ages, and I’m not one for rereading books so once I’ve read them they generally just sit on the bookshelf – no good for anyone! Same goes for most DVDs so there’s a few of them I donated too.

Jewellery has always been a downfall for me – I love the look of pieces but then I wear them for a couple of days and never again! So they all had to go.

The textbooks went to a local second hand book store (as they’re more specialist) but the rest went to one of the charity shops in town. Honestly, I don’t miss any of the things I’ve donated so far – there’s just a bit more space!


2 thoughts on “Third Week of the Declutter Challenge

  1. Good work! I find that de-cluttering makes you feel so much better. Your textbooks look interesting – what course did you do? Sorry, I’m nosey when it comes to what people have studied! 🙂


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