Ethical Hair Products


These are the four main hair products I use at the moment; I’ll take you through them in the same order I would use them. Background on my hair – it’s thick but short and tends to get greasy fairly quickly.

So first is the shampoo bar (the purple disc!) – this is Jumping Juniper from Lush which is a ‘balancing’ bar. I’ve found that since my haircut I favour products that don’t leave my hair feeling heavy at all. This is perfect for now, but they have so many for different hair types. I was skeptical at first about the shampoo bar working, but it lathers up even better than most ‘normal’ shampoos! It also smells gorgeous (lavender and citrus) and although it’s £5.75, I’ve been using it for 2 months and still have over half of it left. And of course there’s virtually no packaging – it came in a paper bag and I’ve been storing it in a plastic tub to make sure it doesn’t stick to the bath.

Then there’s the 2 Chic Leave in Conditioner and Styling Elixir (Ultra Volume) £8.99 – this actually isn’t available in the UK (as far as I know) so I was lucky to find this on ebay! But the Ultra Sleek and Ultra Moist ones are available at Boots. I mainly bought this because I needed a decent heat protector and I was pleasantly surprised at the additional benefit of super soft hair! I just use it on the ends as it is so moisturising. This company (Giovanni Cosmetics) describes itself as natural but I couldn’t find many external sources about how ethical it is (it doesn’t test on animals, is vegetarian and organic)  – I can just tell you it’s a great product!

Then when my hair is dry I use Dirty Styling Cream (again from Lush) £6.95 – it smells so so so good! It’s unisex so it’s quite musky. It’s not sticky so I use it at both the roots and the ends of my hair to add volume and texture. I was originally going to buy the salt spray but the lovely Lush lady advised that as my hair is naturally quite straight, the styling cream would work better.

Finally, I use the dry shampoo every other day in between hair washes, this one is from Lush (can you see a theme in my beauty products?!) No Drought £3.95 – I like that this doesn’t come in the form of an aerosol spray and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling stiff and gritty like traditional ones do. It soaks up excess oil really well and it means I don’t have to wash my hair every day.

The reason I use Lush quite a lot is because they are a. really great quality products and b. according to the ethical consumer they are a lot better than most other high street options. But I may well try the Faith in Nature shampoos when I (eventually) run out of this shampoo bar!


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