(Modified) 30 Day Declutter Challenge


I’m joining Louise (Paupertoprincess), along with many others, in the 30 Day Declutter Challenge – ‘The idea is that you get rid of (to the bin or a charity shop depending) one thing on Jan 1st, then two things on Jan 2nd, until Jan 30th where you do thirty things!’.

I thought this was pretty intense (but a fab idea!) and volunteered instead to just donate a big bag of things a week throughout January. The first bag was so easy – I just looked in my wardrobe and removed anything that doesn’t fit me well (the blue playsuit on the right for example), an item that was bought specifically for one event (the purple dress on the right – beautiful but not exactly something to wear day to day) or items I just don’t wear (the jeans in the middle). The photo shows a sample of what went in the bag!

These are all good quality items so will be going to a charity shop this weekend.

I’m loving the feeling of space this has given me – perfect for the new year 🙂


5 thoughts on “(Modified) 30 Day Declutter Challenge

  1. I think this is a really awesome idea – why did you think it was important to do?
    It reminds of Gretchen Rubin’s line in The Happiness Project on ‘outer order contributing to inner peace’. I’m really impressed with your attitudes and ideals.


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