3 Big Reasons to Boycott Amazon, and the Alternatives

  1. Tax Avoidance – this is well known but cannot be stressed enough! According to this, the corporation should have paid around £100 million in taxes. By not paying tax, Amazon is stealing from the UK tax payer.
  2. Amazon is essentially Anti-union – so employees can easily be exploited. This article is recent and talks about what it’s like to work for such a large corporation where the power balance is so skewed in their favour.
  3. You are a just a number – there have been a few privacy issues that are a bit 1984-ish for my liking! I know a lot of websites use this type of information gathering, but if you use Amazon for everything then they will know you a bit too well.

I think these 3 reasons are enough for me to avoid Amazon as much as possible, but what are the alternatives?

Well first there’s the ethical superstore, which I have recently used to buy a load of Christmas presents. They currently have an offer of £10 off when you spend £50 and free delivery!

Traidcraft also has a huge range from food, to gifts, to household items. And they’re one of the best fair trade brands out there.

Amazon Anonymous also has a great list of alternatives that has been set up in categories so that’s useful if you feel really stuck!

Finally, Amazon Anonymous also has a pledge that you can sign if you want to go Amazon-free for the month of December. So far over £3 million has been diverted from Amazon!! That really shows the power of the consumer! Are you going to boycott Amazon?


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