Why Now is the Time to Pledge No Waste

Some of you probably think this is a ridiculous statement. ‘You can’t reduce waste in the festive season!! There’s so much – best to leave it until the new year’. But that’s exactly why we need to stop now.

According to 1 Million Women waste rises by 30% in November-January in Australia. I imagine this figure is similar in other places (especially in the Western World). And it really is a colossal amount.

But there is something we can all do as individuals. In fact there are a multitude of things from making your own gifts to cut down on packaging and shipping, choosing gifts based on a companies environmental credentials or using decorations you already own! These things don’t take away from the Christmas spirit – in fact I think they add to it as you may well spend less time shopping and more quality time with loved ones.

If you think this is an idea you can get on board with, please sign the pledge to reduce your impact this festive season.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.18.25 pm


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