Cooking up a solution to food waste

This is such an important issue. I plan to blog some recipe ideas to reduce food waste and carbon emissions soon!

Shrink the Supply Chain

We all know that food waste is a problem. Our supply chain is inflexible – it can’t cope with fluctuations in supply and demand and as consumers we make assumptions based on our experience. For example when it gets cold, we stop buying salads and start buying root vegetables. The results of this are that in the Western world we waste up to half the food we produce during the route from farm to fork.

We are not just wasting food, we are wasting oil in growing and transporting the food, land and water resources through pushing them to produce food we don’t need and money which could be used to grow, produce and buy other goods. With 10% of rich country gas emissions coming from food we have never eaten, what we are doing is very damaging.

So why do we waste food? We already wrote an article on how much money you…

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