The Good Green Gift Guide (Part 1)

It’s coming up to Christmas which basically means present time! Of course, the most ethical thing would be to abstain from gift giving – it produces so much waste in the form of unwanted presents, packaging and wrapping paper. However, I love the feeling of giving and receiving gifts, so I put together this guide to give you some ‘ethical’ ideas at a reasonable price.

1. For those who love both gardening and cooking, this apron shows the best way to be ‘bee friendly’ and was made in collaboration with Friends of the Earth – so you’re also supporting a charity too! It’s also affordable at £20 (there’s also a tea towel version for £10):


2. Lush is one of the ultimate high-street ethical beauty brands, and it has so many seasonal gifts to suit anyone who needs a bit of luxury in their lives! I would love to try the Golden Wonder set which contains a bath bomb and a multi-purpose soap – for less than £10!


3. Not On the High Street is a website seems to be constantly growing! It sells products made by small businesses (often in the UK) and there is a setting to search for only eco-friendly products. Using that, I found this great gift for the home – a personalised print, designed using the coordinates for a special place or location for £40. This would be a fab idea for newly wed couples!



4. New Look is actually one of the most ethical high street retailers, and certainly one of the most affordable. So they would be my go-to shop for cosy Christmas gifts like this Santa Paws Jumper for £15! They also have a great selection of scarves for both men and women (definitely on my wish list).


5. When it comes to chocolate I’m not fussy. But Divine chocolate really is something else – it tastes AMAZING and it’s partially owned by a co-operative of small holder farmers, making it super-duper fair trade. They have special Christmas Stars for only £4 and they’re currently on offer at 3 for £10 – bargain.


6. These Elephant Book Ends are so adorable I just had to include them! Traidcraft is one of the best fair trade stores there is, and it has such a wide range that you don’t need to search for ages to find something. At £18 these book ends are ideal for any book lovers.


7. And for that one person who is impossible to buy for, there’s always adopting an animal – the WWF have a programme which is great for children as they get a cuddly toy, a magazine and a certificate. This varies from £3-10 per month (you can choose how much). Oxfam have a more people-centered focus with their goat/chicken/clean water gifts; these range in price from £7-27.

I hope this has given you some food for thought, please let me know in the poll below which item you would like to receive and stay tuned for part 2…


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